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Dec, 2010

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Ask Quality Expert

It is very sad to know about your experience. Today the market is full of the non-branded products and they are available on cheaper prices. In all probability you have purchased non-branded items which are non-branded. You should have checked the ISI mark on it. It is always healthy to use non-stick kitchen items as these save on the cooking medium ( you have to use no or very little cooking oil). One must purchase branded items which have quality mark and warranty also.

Ask Health Expert

You are dealing in paints which mean chemicals emitting harmful fumes. Check your place of work. See if the place where your staff works is well ventilated or fitted with enough exhaust fans. It is not a good sign that your workers are falling ill frequently. This way you are likely to harm your business also. Health of your workers will mean the health of your business.

Ask Online Expert

With ever increasing levels of competition in the online world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get top rankings for competitive terms and the need for clearly laid down goals and objectives is even more pressing. A small business has an even lesser room for mistake.

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pankaj choudhary
28 Mar 2014 (10:11:23)
sir,i want to start a small scale financing business (25 lakh-30 lakh).please advice me about this business everything that can help me.
15 Feb 2014 (08:07:21)
We are availing a limit of Rs.50 Lacs under CGTMSE Scheme in FY 13-14 but due to expansion in business can we extend our limit to Rs 80 Lacs. Our bank is refusing to do so. Kindly Advise
15 Feb 2014 (08:09:01)
We are availing a limit of Rs.50 Lacs under CGTMSE Scheme in FY 13-14 but due to expansion in business can we extend our limit to Rs 80 Lacs in FY14-15. Our bank is refusing to do so. Kindly Advise
02 Dec 2013 (10:25:46)
We are entering into new construction equipment business.we will import new equipment ( excavators,motor graders,pavers,backhoders). We are planning to appoint sub dealers network to sell the products. Is there any govt approval required and what is the import duty structure. Kindly advise.
08 Sep 2013 (08:35:19)
Sir, I want to start TWO WHEELER TAXI concept in Bhopal (M.P.)- INDIA. My propaganda of the concept is to serve the transportation services to selected customers only. Here, a PILOT would be present to ride a motor byke. Only one passenger can be able to sit at the back seat. Charges will be flexible as per the local city rates. College students and manly youth who were came here for JOBS and STUDY purpose would be the target customer. Selected locations would be decided for that service after the research. Females PILOT would be also available to make ease for Female passengers. Services would be available for daily transport to Drop and Pickup facility if required by customers on monthly basis, as similar like other transport vehicle. Service is available only is city area. Advantages of Two wheeler TAXI Time saving, money saving (where other transport vehicle were not available), Female PILOT for female customer. Support to youth for college going students and Job personnel. Customer would either pay as per meter or fixed rates. Distance travel would be minimal for customer, byke would pick / drop passenger from there home / office / station etc . Disadvantage : Need to work for Rainy season. Minimum Charge: Rs 10/- chargeable upto 3 Km. And after that Rs. 5/- per KM would be charged. Hurdles : 1. Is society accept this type of TAXI concept, is it works? 2. Is local body give permission, will they provide the Taxi permit? 3. What would be the future? Sir, I want your guidance and suggestions for the same.
Prakash Singh
01 May 2013 (11:27:30)
Dear Sir, I am pursuing my Ph.D from University of Pune and my Research topic is Marketing problems of SMEs in Engineering Industries. I want to do such research which will also provide solution to them.From Marketing to manpower,from purchasing raw materials to searching customer,budgeting,plant & machinery and many more. I seek you like expert.Please help SMEs in avoiding their problems by helping me in my research. Thank You Prakash Singh Pune +91 888 888 4030
30 Apr 2013 (11:10:37)
My co is regd under central Excise and annual turnover @2.5 Cr. Last year we have charged Ed for all invoices. Our most of the customers are small cos and they are asking for down the rates. We know up to 1.5 cr there is no need to charge ED on invoices. We request you to please guide us under which rule it is possible.
09 Apr 2013 (05:34:13)
Derek,We often get that very same question when doing our gnaeretional workshops and webinars. You make some very accurate points . . .
03 Apr 2013 (01:07:09)
i am planning to start a home based paper bag making unit (small scale)? How can i start ? what is the profitability / success of this business?
03 Apr 2013 (01:08:26)
i am planning to start a home based paper bag making unit (small scale)? How can i start ? what is the profitability / success of this business? & how to get a financial assistance for the same without collateral?
Anjali Shah
12 Mar 2013 (04:42:52)
Can any commercial Financial Institution (NBFC) can give loan to SME for that is there any rule????????? and Government wil help that Institution for this kind of work?????????
08 Mar 2013 (00:56:23)
Hi, How can i secure a loan to start my own business without a colatarals? How risky it is to open a software company now-a-days in india? What would be your mantra of success as a CEO of a software company?
02 Mar 2013 (14:26:20)
Sir, I am a bank manager, a customer has approached me for a working capital loan of Rs 25lacs to set up dealership contract with a multinational company for installation and maintenance of Solar PV modules and Solar inverters for domestic segment. Can this loan be classified service sector under CGTMSE and is he eligible for CGTMSE COVER? or will this dealership be considered as retail trade?as he is buying and selling the products from a manufacturer. If there is any government guideline pl let me know
gajendra singh
27 Jan 2013 (08:43:17)
How can i secure a loan to start my own business without a colatarals? plz call me for full discussion-08353973925
Mr. Daniel
21 Jan 2013 (05:00:59)
How can i secure a loan to start my own business without a colatarals?
Robin Gohil
22 Nov 2012 (11:37:58)
Dear Sir, One of my client has done SME Credit Rating from one the reputed company who had empaneled with SBI bank but they had not offered concessional rate of interest in SME rating. He got SME 1 B. Then what does it mean to spend money on this credit rating when bankers not allowing or accepting this ratings.
11 Nov 2012 (03:41:54)
Hi Sir, I would like to get into Solar Power business with an initial capital of 15-20 Lakhs.Please suggest the suitable path .Please also tell me about doing Power Electronics Equipment business in Solar Power Thanks !!
03 Nov 2012 (10:47:57)
Good evening sir, i am from jharkhand.i want to set up mini cement plant.i want to produce cement by fly ash so please help me in setting up plant.from where i can get much capital will require to set up plant.please revert me soon.
26 Oct 2012 (02:40:49)
Sir, What is the lowest interest rate an SME can get from SBI under CGTMSE scheme. How do SBI decides the interest rate. IS it PLR plus 1%. Please let me know. Regards, S.P.John Mob:9447007982
Debiprasad Pradhan
10 Oct 2012 (02:00:16)
I want to set up a Tyre recycling plant,which require 1 crore investment . is there any schemes & subsidies given by government for waste recycling projects.
Laxmikanta Tripathy
27 Sep 2012 (10:18:51)
I want SME loan of 25 lakh. Please tell how I can find it/ Thank you.
06 Dec 2011 (09:54:12)
Hi, We are &then;, providing strategic consulting in branding, marketing and digital to SMEs in Mumbai region. We are looking to scale up after 3 years of learnings. And are looking for a place to get reliable database of companies and contacts across India. It will be great if you can guide us.
Abhaykumar Gasti
09 Nov 2011 (03:25:56)
Dear Sir, I would like to know what are the Govt. & Non Govt. Schemes available fot women entreprenuers in india to pramote their business?
23 Oct 2011 (17:52:43)
I rlealy needed to find this info, thank God!
Rohan S Koippallil
11 Jul 2011 (23:21:42)
I have given an assignment concerning the legal system in terms of SME. so it ll be of great help if u can provide links or information regarding the nature and scope of SME's in India.
M A Rather
01 Jul 2011 (06:33:26)
What is the role and benefits of collateral free lending to SME sector.
N Haokip
25 May 2011 (02:25:00)
Sir, I am interested in piggery farming business. Please suggest me what are the prerequiste I need to have. Where can I get the finance and consulatancy. Regards N haokip
Hemant Madan
20 Apr 2011 (06:18:02)
Dear Sir, I would like to start export business to Phillipines. Where I can get the industry data and other procedure to find out the real customer there in Phillipines.
Harihar Maity
07 Jan 2011 (06:24:30)
I want to strat logistics business in small scale. Could you please advise
subhasis das
16 Dec 2010 (02:06:17)
we have several govt dept and ministry of msme, but in real groud u can find they r not compitant.....less in every feeld.they can make polyce but no use for state govt.sufer r poor entrepreneur. close dowen all th these dept... make one window that can take care of msme......