Mar, 2014

Need to Promote Women Entrepreneurs : Mahesh Gupta

Mahesh Gupta Chairman Kent Ro Systems Limited who recently took over as the Vice President of PHD Chamber of Commerce in conversation with SME WORLD.

Feb, 2014

An Analysis of the Pros and Cons

The market regulator, Securities and Exchange Board of India has allowed listing of small and medium enterprises on the stock exchanges without making any initial public offering by virtue of SEBI Listing of specified securities on Institutional Trading Platform Regulations, 2013.

Securing Your Business, Securing Yourself

Businesses are fraught with risks on a day to day basis. Calamities descend without prior intimation and often due to reasons beyond our control. How can SMEs insulate themselves from such emergencies or eventualities. Insure the business adequately with a company of repute. It is important to understand an insurers view of SMEs while seeking their services.

Dec, 2013

Transformation of Indian Agriculture Sector: Need of the Hour

Approximately 60 percent of Indian population particularly rural is dependent on agriculture as the main source of their livelihood. But surprisingly there has been a gradual decline in the share of agriculture to the Gross Domestic Product GDP from 50 percent in the year 1960 to 16 percent in the year 2012 13. The analysis of sectoral GDP data reveals that despite the 4 percent growth in the agriculture sector, its share in aggregate GDP is expected to decline further to 9.7 percent in FY20.This seems quite alarming despite the importance given to agricultural sector from the 1st Five Year Plan to the 12th Five year plans which is currently underway from 2012 2017.

Hopeless Rural Scenario: Need to Spread Awareness to work as Community

According to the latest census report 70 percent of Indias population lives in its villages and is an agriculture dominated economy. Therefore, the weakness or strength of our country depends on the weakness or strength of our villages. Villages have provided a lot to add to the prosperity of our country. There is a startling contrast in the pace of development between rural and urban India. The cities are experiencing swift development changes while in rural areas things remain static. Most villages get water but doubts have been raised on the quality and sustainability of the supply. For example, 2,17,000 villages have water quality problems. Excess fluoride, arsenic, nitrate, iron and salinity are causing health hazards.

Nov, 2013

Sustainable Development via Water Cooperation in South Asia

South Asia comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka having more than 21 percent of the worlds population, the region has access to just over 8 percent of global water resources. It is currently faced with a water shortage and water security crisis. Average water availability per capita across South Asia has declined by 70 percent since the 1950s, and continues to decrease.

Sep, 2013

5 Barriers Against 5 Triggers For Adoption of Social Media by SMEs

A recent poll of small business owners suggested that 68% expected an increase in sales through social media activities. Yet, only 33% planned to increase their social media spend next year. This seems counter intuitive therefore, I decided to speak to our SME customers on possible reasons. Their response was an eye opener. Please read on as an SME decision maker or a service provider to SMEs on how the issue of Social Media adoption can be addressed.

The Poor Poverty Debate!

Adam Smith was a moral philosopher and a pioneer of political economy. He is best known for his second seminal book An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations which strongly emphasizes on the role of self interest and religiously read wrongly taken by the believers of free enterprises as the capitalist scripture.

Kerosene Dealers Struggle for Rehabilitation

Aug, 2013

How to Measure the Real Organizational Growth?

Is your enterprises growth reflects an illusion? Is the growth sustained and defines the actual organizational growth? What are the parameters that account for the real growth? Figures may be deceptive.

Jul, 2012

10 Mantras to 'Lead in Challenging Times'

Hard moments and tough are inevitable in any business. Different economic environments bring different challenges that companies and business have to grapple with. When external factors contribute to an organizations' decline, what often happens is that the external reasons become the internal reality for many businesses.

Maharashtra Minister Commits- 'An Hour Every Month' for SMEs Problems

Maharashtra Minister of State for Industry Sachin Ahir has assured the small and medium enterprises in the state for all possible help in resolving issues facing the sector by committing to devote 'one hour every month' for the entrepreneurs in his office. He was speaking as Chief Guest at Maharashtra SME Summit' organised by Small and Medium Development Chamber of India (SME Chamber of India) and Maharashtra Industrial and Economic Development Association (MIEDA) in Mumbai recently.

Jun, 2012

India-ASEAN Tourism; A Torsel Trace for SMEs

Tourism linkages between India and ASEAN precede the trading activities. ASEAN, undoubtedly, is one of the most dynamic regions in the world trade. Both India and ASEAN have attained growth in tourism led at rates higher then the global average over the last three decades. At present, India and ASEAN have come together and are looking forward for complementarities in tourism sector with tourism led exports and imports.

May, 2012

Business Success through Sustainable Development – Timbor Home Ltd.

Timbor became public with its IPO in May 2011. Founded in 2000 by Mr. Anant Maloo, CMD of Timbor Home Ltd. the company has been awarded the prestigious FSC certification by the Forest Stewardship Council, USA, certifying that the company's products are manufactured using timber from sustainable sources and are certified Green. Going forward with this, the company also plans to avail carbon credits in the future, with its forestry project. The company acquired 60 acres of land on a long lease, and planted 30,000 saplings of biotech generated timber wood. While normal hardwood species usually take 10 years to mature, the company's specially imported species, called Paulownia, will start giving yield within 5 years.

Apr, 2012

MAHINDRA GENIO DESIGNED FOR SMEs Transporting Ideas to Creativity

It's a world-class modern Pick-up built from the ground up on brilliant ideas. Genio brings to the world of transport a modern design, efficient CRDe technology and category leading features like car comfort and superior ride and handling. That's why Genio is today considered as the most advanced and premium commercial pick up in India. With so many pluses, it's sure to revolutionize cargo transportation in India, and change the way the world looks at your transportation in your business.

Taste of American Affirmative Action Retail Business with a Cause

Bharti Walmart Private Limited is one of India's leading business groups with interests in telecom, agri-business, insurance and retail, and Walmart, the world's leading retailer, renowned for its efficiency and expertise in logistics, supply chain management and sourcing.

Mar, 2012

Seven Ways to Grow Your Business

There is only growing business or dying business. There is nothing called a matured business. Anything that is matured is dying. As the saying goes “If you are green you grow, if you are ripe you rot.” The truth of the matter is that everything is evolving and constantly changing including businesses, markets and consumers. All growth needs a strong point of view and a solid strategy combined with massive action plans.

Feb, 2012

Upcoming Real Estate Superstar - Arihant Superstructures Ltd.

In today's Real Estate market, a strategic approach and understanding of client requirement is vital. Arihant is keen on developing solutions that enrich the way people work and live, using high-end technology and infrastructure, matching the current and prospective requirements and expectations of the customer. The Arihant Group is one of Navi Mumbai's premier real estate developers - with bigger, more challenging projects being added year after year. Today, the Group provides stylish and comfortable living to more than 2200 happy families across Navi Mumbai. Arihant Group has emerged as one of the largest developers in Navi Mumbai.

SHEMROCK PRESCHOOL: Building Our Rock Solid Tomorrow

The difference between developed and developing or underdeveloped nation, prospering or weak countries is the quality of life of the respective countrymen. Quality of life is usually affected by the standards of healthcare, social support system, infrastructure and of course education. If we take a brief moment to analyze what is that common factor which has helped developing nations thrive is the superiority of their education system. Education equips a person to think, reason, analyze and act judiciously. The sculpting of character begins at a very tender age and if the appropriately stimulated it can have strong positive outcome. It is believed that preliminary education begins at home which is quite true. But lately, it starts from the play school where kids are enrolled by the age of 18 months + and start interacting with other kids of their age group and start learning subtle skills.

Jan, 2012

What G-20 Meet Means to Diverse Economies?

The G-20 summit in Cannes has ended in crucial dismay. The world leaders seemed neither settled with concrete plan to boost growth and rebalance the global economy, nor agreed on any rescue package for the eurozone. The final communiqué issued after the summit embodies mere good intentions rather than any tangible action. It shows ambivalence of world's twenty big economies. However, some positive attitude shown by G-20 meet include:

Oct, 2011

SME Market in India is too big to be ignored

TaskTrek is one such proposition to help management, managers and executives of any SME manage their day-to-day work related communication and information in a streamlined, consistent and organised manner. It's basically a one stop solution or a complete communication suite that helps in bringing together the team of any organisation to interact, share, discuss, manage and track from one common place, thereby cutting email clutter. lapses or chaos related to business communication.

Sep, 2011


In India, RBI has an edge to regulate key financial markets, money markets, government securities market, credit market and forex market besides the usual role of a central banker. This enables RBI to apply regulatory purview over the interconnected channels between banks and other financial sector entities. But with such unusual regulatory load, does RBI justify its every role as top authority from financial stability perspective? It's hard to surpass the growing overload on RBI – announcement of Financial Sector Legislative Reform Council (FSLRC) and Financial Sector Development Council (FSDC), during the last Union Budget have even made the RBI'S overtures with Finance Ministry more complex.

Jul, 2011

Branding for SMEs: 'A Brand is the Identity'

To make a brand sustainable, it needs to stay true to its core prospect which it offers to its consumers since a brand is only as good as its last product offering. To be sustainable, it needs to offer a product which offers the best value proposition which cannot be challenged by anyone else.

Jun, 2011

Whither Procurement Policy

The annual Govt. Procurement, including Public Sector Units, in India as over Rs. 1,70,000 crore of which the share of MSME is approximately just five percent. This comes to Rs. 8500 crore. Twenty percent will be Rs.34000 crore. The scenario indicates Rs. 25500 crore purchases, additionally would be available to the MSEs which is by any means the larget market for them.

May, 2011

Impact of Natural Calamities in Japan on India

According to Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA), many of the important cities, other than Tokyo and Osaka in that country, are under duress and the lull in the Japanese retail market in devastated areas have forced exporters send smaller quantities.

Apr, 2011

The Missing Pieces: What is Competitiveness ?

This is so because competitiveness is not about the macro-economy; and competitiveness is not about interest rates, inflation, or foreign exchange. Although a sound national platform is certainly helpful to the companies within it, nations do not compete: firms compete. The differences between the successes and failures fall into three categories.

Mar, 2011

MSMEs sector Blatantly Neglected: Industry Professionals React

Expressing disappointment for lack of any special provision for the garment sector in budget proposals for 2011-12, Rakesh Vaid, President, Garments Exporters Association, regretted that the Budget has proposed to convert the optional levy into a mandatory levy at a unified rate of 10 per cent for readymade garments and made-ups of textiles which were earlier under an optional excise duty regime, which would adversely affect the garment sector of the textile industry.

Feb, 2011

Budget Must Aim to Make Garments Units Exports Competitive & Profitable

Indian Apparel Industry, one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy poised to continue to play the significant role in economic development. The Government of India has recognized the importance of this labour intensive industry as the focus area to meet the challenge of generating more employment during the Eleventh Plan period.

Jan, 2011

Pros and Cons of recruiting Sales personnel from the same or similar industry-

gFirst come first selecth method which only evaluates experience and without any background check assuming that the candidate will perform. It happens when somebody needs to fill the vacancy in no time.

Mentoring Micro Entrepreneurs: The Second Gear MBA for Non MBAs at Very Affordable Cost

Marketing is not about starting a business, producing something, selling it and getting money back but it is how you build a long term business relations with the clients.

Job Creation Need for Entrepreneurial Development

Ancillaries have become great success stories in some sectors. For example auto ancillaries are providing many fold equipments to the many car manufacturers. They have modernized and upgraded their technology to meet the stiff standards of car producers, many of whom are world famous names.

Nov, 2010

The bane of information age: Children are its worst victims

According to them, there are websites on the Internet, which display pornographic and violent computer games to which children fall a prey. These websites preach a culture of violence, display pornographic material and inculcate habits, which come as a rude shock to parents and teachers alike.

Oct, 2010

Selling for Winning

Surely talking about honesty in this day and age and in this country has touched a raw nerve. What with corruption making headlines on front pages and integrity or value-driven decisions pushed to small fillers in the back, people have their priorities right.

He Redefined CSR

The holy birth place of the Lord Rama in Ayodhya is one the finest example of our politico-religion strife. Vested interests have been successful in sowing the seeds of hatred. Terrorism raised its ugly head. Communal frenzy disturbed peace and harmony at various places.

Sep, 2010

Whither SMEs: Status and Opportunities

Though Indians have been known for entrepreneurial skills as mentioned earlier, yet, since sixties the educated youth got lured to the charms of fixed income government or private jobs, which was rather in synchronization with the socialist viewpoint of the society at that point of time. So, only those people turned to entrepreneurship, who were either not having better options or wanted to carry on and expand their family business.

Aug, 2010

Good Monsoon to Bring Down Food Inflation; But Will Growth be a Casualty?

Food inflation is measured by the Whole Sale Prices of Agricultural Products, for which data is compiled by the Ministry of Commerce .Overall vegetable prices on a weekly basis went down by 0.34 per cent. Food inflation has remained above the 16 per cent level for most part of the year, before falling sharply to below 13 per cent since mid-June.

Jul, 2010

Chinese Practice, Applaud the Power of Yoga

Today, even the most advanced and developed countries are turning to yoga.

Jun, 2010

CSR: Need for SMEs to be Committed

Role of CSR in SMEs.

May, 2010

SME Stock Exchange

Sebi has proposed to exempt companies listed on SME exchanges from eligibility norms for initial public offers (IPOs). For listing, SMEs should have a paid-up capital of not more than Rs 25 crore. The minimum IPO application size has been kept at Rs 1 lakh to ensure entry of only informed and financially sound investors.

Apr, 2010

Milk Needs New Blood

The enterprise of small holder dairy farmers with low producing animals seems to be economically unviable. With the present climatic conditions, a substantial number of such animals (buffaloes) particularly those which did not conceive for 1-2 years were sold by milk producers to slaughter houses resulting in loss of our germ plasma and decrease in milk production / availability of marketable surplus milk.

Almost 90 per cent rural population doesn't have access to drinking water

Water quality and conservation are important indicators of the overall growth of a community as it is intrinsically linked to human health, socio-economic growth, major ecosystems, environmental goods and services and sustainable development.

Mar, 2010

Embrace Lean Management Practices and Improve Productivity to Survive: Dinesh Rai Exhorts Entrepreneurs

“Government of India attaches lots of importance to the MSMEs. Under Lean Manufacturing Program (LMP), MSMEs will be assisted in reducing the cost through proper personal management, better space utilization, scientific inventory management, improve process flows, reducing engineering time and so on.

Dec, 2009

An Open Letter to Dr. Manmohan Singh

Justice Iyer exhorts PM to view Indo-US bonds ties beyond military, materialist criteria or philanthropy. They were in the past based on higher moral values and never for dollar donations nor for intervention in J and K as India fought back and liberated Bangladesh.

Nov, 2009

12 Million Rural Poor Women in SHGs Enjoy Doorstep Banking

About 12 million poor women today have access to savings and credit services through 800,000 SHGs all over the country. Over 30,000 branches of regulated banking structure are involved in this phenomenon. They have mobilised loans of over $ 450 million.

CXO Summit focuses on Lean Usage of technology for SMEs

It is time for achieving a lean, efficient, and effective model of IT governance and management through technology shift for the meaningful growth of Indian enterprises. This was the gist of BFSI Technologies CXO summit organized by naseba in Mumbai recently. The summit attracted various hard core professionals and experts from enterprises representing a cross section of sectors.

Inclusive Growth through Micro Enterprise Development

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, still one of the three world's poor is Indian. The poverty in India remains on a staggering scale. As per the World Bank data, 371 million people in India live in extreme poverty on less than $1 per day and 855 million people live less than $2 per day (Ending Poverty in India, DFID, 2007).

India: These Rajasthani Women Dye to Live

Rajasthan is renowned for its various dyeing techniques, with different regions specialising in different methods - 'bandhej' or 'lehariya' (ripple effect). And, women play a major role in this age-old industry, as dyers and as consumers of the finished products.

Post Recession has Changed the SME Sector’s Approach

The post recession period has given both kind of experiences to SME – sweet and bitter. Entrepreneus have learnt hard lessons. The biggest problem faced by SMEs is skilled manpower plagued with problems of attitude and lack motivation and the right mindset.

Oct, 2009

Poverty Alleviation Through Rural Enterprise Centers

Entrepreneurship is always desirable in poor communities ,even if entrepreneurs need continuing public support and consultancy ,and most small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) never grows big and pay lower wages than large plants .

Women Empowerment through SMEs

Women play a significant role in every country economies, and are highly represented in the micro and small enterprises sub-sector. The concept of promoting women's economic and political empowerment has gained greater attention over the last three decades.

Sep, 2009

Checklist for women entrepreneurs to be successful

It takes a lot of planning, effort and money to start your own business, so determining your current status will assist in future growth and improvement of your business. This is a quiz designed for self-realisation, so that you know what the next step to take is.

Aug, 2009

Most SMEs Unaware of Government Schemes: FICCI survey

A survey conducted by FICCI amongst small and medium enterprises in the country reveals that 94% of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) catering to the export market have been 'severely to moderately' hit by the current economic slowdown.

MSME Census May be a Futile Exercise

With millions of micro and small units spread everywhere and anywhere across the length and breadth of the country, the on-going MSME census runs the risk of missing out on most of them.

Jul, 2009

South Korea Back on the Development Track

The IIF Spring Membership Meeting in Beijing last month. Korean Prime Minister Han Seung-soo explained how the lessons learned from the Asian crisis of 1997 has helped his country come through the current recession in better shape than most.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

More than 50% of the small businesses die an untimely death because the man behind the show, the entrepreneur lacks business skills. Successful businesses need more than passion and hard work. They need expertise. They need skills. They need people who are proficient at these skills.

“Union Budget -A missed opportunity,” say Experts

The Union Finance Minister, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee has missed a golden opportunity to translate budget from poverty to prosperity which was an enormous and challenging task before him by putting disinvestment programme in right perspective, decontrol and deregulation of economy

Godrej Trust: An example to emulate

Godrej Trust, the philanthropic arm of the empire, has a stake to the tune of 25% in each of the company owned by the Godrej Empire. The Trust receives funds by way of dividend from companies and carries out its activities befittingly.

Jun, 2009

Pragmatic Measures Needed to Make SMEs India’s Growth engine

The SMEs everywhere have been lauded for their ability to generate pools of growth and a large chunk of employment in developed and developing economies. The SMEs, with leading edge, possess unique abilities to innovations and make strong inroads in the global markets with outstanding performance.

Apr, 2009

Gujjar Women Stage Another White Revolution

Women entrepreneurs of the nomadic Gujjar tribe in J&K; - In a role reversal, it is these empowered Muslim women who are known for tough marketing skills, despite being illiterate

Sustainable Energy Outlook for India

Greenpeace releases the second version of the 'Energy Revolution: A sustainable India Energy Outlook' and calls for political will to back solutions for India's energy that is secure, technically feasible and sustainable in a climate challenged world.

Mar, 2009

Media's Role in Promoting the Cause of SMEs

The media will not further the cause of MSMEs unless it sees in them a story that will attract eyeballs. By "further the cause", I mean provide exposure to the products, services or point-of-view of an SME.

NSIC: Asset or Liability?

A number of public enterprises were set up by the government of India over the decades since independence to help the growing entrepreneurs in small and medium scale sector.


The Rural Development and Self-Employment Training Institute was started by Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, twenty six years ago and has steadily made a conspicuous difference in the sphere of rural entrepreneurship development.

We Practice Quality, Service & Economy

,” says Suresh. The concepts are 1. Quality 2. Service and 3. Economy. “We knew that only quality would survive and also prompt service is another secret of success. The customer should not feel burdened so we worked on economy also and these clicked and we found ourselves in the market,”

The Making of Greatmen

Inspirational story of Alexander Fleming, his father and Sir Winston Churchill

Feb, 2009

How a micro entrepreneur faces slowdown and recession.

If we can't manage difficult times then what's the use of doing business? – says this small entrepreneur in Delhi who has faced several rough times. It is the time to reorganize and focus on innovating.

Nurturing Inventions and Innovations – NRDC to award budding talents

RDC nurtures new ideas and inventions by providing funding assistance and rewards; ensuring intellectual property protection; efficiently effecting transfer of know-how from laboratories to industry; providing access to new technologies from India and abroad; exporting Indian technological expertise and offering an array of technology consultancy services.

Right Communication Can Connect You Better

When you answer your organization's incoming calls, you are the Director of First Impressions for your organization. Good phone manners can turn a potentially lucrative relationship with a customer into a bottom line booster while bad phone manner can turn it into a regrettable missed opportunity.

Jan, 2009

Time for Women to Climb the Corporate Ladder

The Third All India Census of Small Scale Industries conducted in 2001-02 and subsequent estimates made, found that only 10.11% of the Micro and Small Enterprises in India are owned by women, while 9.46% of the MSE enterprises are managed by women.

Nov, 2008

Inspirational Story - The wooden walls and the Lizard – Human Interest Story.

The story talks about what a small creature can do that a creature blessed with a brilliant mind can't.

Oct, 2008

No one will buy this story

He lits a cigarette as he goes into stray thoughts. His attention is suddenly drawn to a small jewellry pouch lying on the road nearby. His eyes blink. He picks up the pouch and discovers in it a heavy Gold-like necklace. He thinks it might be a cheap imitation and does not bother much. He wais for another 30 minutes hoping that the owner might come searching if it is a real Gold necklace. No one comes.

No One will buy this story

He lits a cigarette as he goes into stray thoughts. His attention is suddenly drawn to a small jewellry pouch lying on the road nearby. His eyes blink. He picks up the pouch and discovers in it a heavy Gold-like necklace. He thinks it might be a cheap imitation and does not bother much. He wais for another 30 minutes hoping that the owner might come searching if it is a real Gold necklace. No one comes.

Corporates Face the Heat from Woman Entrepreneur

The goods are not sold from huge showrooms, but from 54 roadside mobile kiosks, manned by 141 women who work in shifts. Another 3,500 women directly benefit from this project by making products such as handicraft items, edibles like 'papad' (wafer thin potato/rice paste snacks), pickles and jams.

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