Nov, 2013

School Kids to Have Taste of Entrepreneurship

The Indus Entrepreneurs TiE Hyderabad Chapter, organized a curtain raiser event to share details about a new initiative to foster entrepreneurship amongst school students under program run by TYE TiE Young Entrepreneurs at the Rockwell International School, Madhapur. TYE program is designed to invoke the spirit of entrepreneurship in school kids was very well received by the students, parents and teachers as well.

Sep, 2013

Dr. Chukka Kondaiah Promoted Entrepreneurship by Nurturing 'ni-msme'

Dr. Chukka Kondaiah, former Director General, The National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises ni-msme nurtured the Institute for over two decades and diversified its activities and widened its academic base. His relentless efforts have significantly contributed to the promotion of Entrepreneurship and MSME development in the country.

Aug, 2012

FGI & SPE's National Electrical Summit 2012

The Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI) and Society of Power Engineers (SPE) along with Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd. (GETCO) as their knowledge partners organised a very interactive and enlightening National Electrical Summit 2012 on 6 – 7 July 2012 at FGI Business Centre, Vadodara - Gujarat.

Jul, 2012

Webcon to assist central/state government by setting up entrepreneur nurturing centre, thereby promoting industry, employment and wealth

The Government of India, as well as the state governments have at different points in time, come out with a number of schemes to train and develop entrepreneurs in a wide range of sectors to positively impact the economy of the state as well as the country. WEBCON(formerly known as West Bengal Consultancy Organisation Ltd.), a multi-functional consultancy organization in the public sector, is also playing an active role with respect to such initiatives by the government by organizing training and development programmes on upgrading skills and entrepreneurship.

Jun, 2012

Indians Key Drivers in US Economic Activity:

American Lawmakers praise Indian companies for Stimulating their Economy.Indians Key Drivers in US Economic Activity: US Senator

Jan, 2012

Sify mystorage to 'insure' your Digital Life Cloud' for the Common Man

Sify Technologies recently launched Sify mystorage, a cloud-based online storage and backup solution targeted at Consumers and Small Businesses. Sify mystorage enables users to insure critical files—documents, mail, photos, videos, music, etc. — in the computer against everyday risks like virus attacks, file corruption, accidental deletion or a PC crash. Sify mystorage automatically and continuously backs up and stores the users' files in a secure cloud thus providing foolproof protection against data loss.

Jun, 2011

Rail Mantri Se Mukhya Mantri Tak !

Lalu: tum toh jaanti ho humne rajniti mein kai utaar-charraav dekhein hain ! Rabri: aap bhool gaye kya, aap hume bhi rajniti mein le aaye thy ? Lalu: dekho sangarsh ke baad hum mukhya mantri se hum rail mantri bane ! Rabri: hume yaad hai ki kitna yash kamaaye aap rail mantri ban ke ?

May, 2011

Chalo Jantar Mantar Chalein !

Sonu: Mere se pucha hota ? Par Jantar Mantar mein karna kya hai ? Tonu: Jantar Mantar se hume kya lena ! Hamara summit hai pavement !

Apr, 2011

The Journey of Tata, Birla, Reliance, Mittal: Persistence, Hard Work and Smart Business Moves Turned SMEs into Formidable Corporate

Monolithics of Indian business - Mittal, Tata, Birla or Reliance started as a Small or Medium Enterprises but they moved up the ladder of success with painstaking efforts and reached dizzy heights. Their success story is not restricted to them, unlike what most people believe. What gave, and continues to give them edge over others is their focus, persistence, hard work and smart business moves.

Alleged Cartel working in the steel Industry: FII Laments Steep Hike in Steel Prices

Frequent rise in Steel prices has shaken the steel product manufacturers in the country. About 25 to 30% increase in Steel Prices has resulted in inflationary conditions. According to Federation of Industries of India (FII), besides major steel producers, public sector SAIL has become a party to cause in this heavy increase of prices of steel leading to increase national inflation.

2nd Round of One-day IT Awareness Programmes organized in Delhi: Information Guides Decisions

Information is power. A well informed entrepreneur can get its business venture to the heights while lack of information and knowledge make people ignorant. Information guides decisions and with knowledge and learning one's potential or abilities in life increases manifold.

Cricket Creating Global Trading Opportunities for Indian Sports SMEs

Search statistics compiled by, the world's largest business-to-business e-commerce company suggests that searches from buyers for cricket-related products have witnessed a 130% increase between February 2010 and January 2011. Cricket products that buyers are looking for include Cricket bats and balls, which account for a significant percentage of the buyer searches, followed by Cricket bat stickers, jerseys and other Cricket wear.

Mar, 2011

We have to Work Together to Encourage the Sector - Uday Kumar

Varma appreciated the need for adequate and timely credit availability to the sector. He observed that in the recent past there had been some improvement in the credit flow towards the MSMEs sector e.g. against 7-8 per cent of total banking credit had gone up from 10 to 11 per cent and banks achieved 20 per cent annual growth in their credit to MSMEs.

Grassroot Problems of Milk Farmers Discussed

V. P. Gandhi Dairy Development Advisor, of the leading milk and milk product manufacturer explained about the importance of clean milk production and the recent program launched for creating awareness and educating the farmers and milk producers to take various measures and avoid residue contamination of antibiotics / veterinary medicines & pesticides. They were advised about the harmful effect and thus prohibiting the use of Oxytocin hormone.

Feb, 2011

Book Review: ‘and the award for BEST SME of the year goes to…'

This book is an excellent piece of tool for all SMEs, Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs. It's like a plug and play concept. For all SMEs etc who are operational or just about to start, read this book and you will be able to put in place very fast all your processes which are required to run the organization. No need to think on your own.

Time Travel: Chicken Doh Pyaaza; Chicken No Pyaaza

FM: I was wondering why your joint consort – Miss Tomato didn’t turn up ? Onion: She has, Sir ! But blushed Red at the thought of meeting the Finance Minister !

Rural Sector is Important for the Overall Sustainable Development of India

The current scenario of the rural markets in India, the growth opportunities that that exists in these rural markets and the effective marketing strategies to tap the opportunities in these markets were discussed at the seminar on 'Emerging Rural Markets of India' which was organized by Amity Business School, Amity University Lucknow Campus in Lucknow recently.

Jan, 2011

Canon Brings Advanced Imaging Solution for SMEs

Canon claims this series is going to be the best value for money of the SMEs. The C2000 series will assist SMB organizations to enjoy full functionality, will help them scale their business in the future and will support them collaborate their imaging needs.

She Wasn't In The Bar ! So, He Never Sang !!

Principal: Yes, that as well.I have drawn up. Note – pull strings, or wires or ropes, mover and shaker, wheeler dealer, power broker, influence peddler and to get the right word in the right ear. Teacher: Mam, I wish I had one fourth of the race and pace of your fertile mind…

Dec, 2010

Minister’s Nightmare ! Guard’s Dream !

Ex-M yells: Will you stop parroting that I am not a minister anymore ! Maha-K: Sorry Sir, I dare not. Forgive me, Sir. I am new to this MP beat ! Ex-M shrieks: Where were you posted before this ? Illiterate idiot ? Maha-K: Sir, I was a beat constable at Sabzi Mandi ! Ex-M mutters obscenity: Now where are the daily durbar visitors ? You blind owl?

Nov, 2010

Birth Stones, Flowers & Ministrial Berths !

“Ji Guru ji, jab padai hi nahi karee toh theek date of birth kaisa pata ho ? Chunav larrna padta hai so jo likh diya woh likh diya ?”

Oct, 2010

Harness the Power of Digital Media

Lalit Bhagia stressed on the measurability of the social and digital media campaigns that companies launch and the need to measure them with respect to the revenues generated. He also provided examples of the digital and social media campaigns that Star TV has launched.

Combating Software Piracy Billions to be Generated in Added Economic Activity in India

The Economic Benefits of Reducing Software Piracy” is based on IDC's Piracy Impact Model, which incorporates market research on IT spending, loss of revenue from software piracy around the world by software publishers, IT service firms and distributors etc., along with information on software related employment creation and IT-related taxes.

'Subsidies Do Not Make Enterprises Successful'

Shashwati Group manufactures auto electric components, electronic controls, medical electronics and cathodic protection products. They are OEM suppliers for global giants like Bosch.

Time Travel: Chala Murari Panelist Ban Ne !

“part time ki ek naukri hai, par shaam ki hai ?”

Sep, 2010

Book Review: Go Fly High, Perfectly-Timed for the Budding Enterpreneurs

The story begins with a scene on a Saturday morning, where Raju is in a positive, upbeat and relaxed frame of mind. He is working from his home-office, and his attention is drawn to the pile of letters on his desk. The one of top is a large, white envelope and is a very special letter.

The saga of RUDSET Institute: A humble approach to Promote Entrepreneurship With Big Results

Unemployment is the major challenge India has been facing in the process of its development. Lakhs of youth are entering the job market every year after completing their school/collegiate education. The entry of automation and mechanization in every sphere of commerce and administration due to the advent of science and technology has further accentuated the problem.

Time Travel

Sheila Dikshit: Sach kehto ho ! Woh apne bete ko bheje sarkari; mein apne bete ko bhejun gaddari !!

A Move to Save More Than Rs.100 Crore per Month

I request you to kindly take necessary action on it. With this single move the SME sector would save more than R. 100 crore monthly.

Aug, 2010

KASSIA Becomes a Role Model As It Celebrates Its Diamond Jubilee

Yeddyurappa was all praise about the dedicated involvement of KASSIA in the recently held Global Investment Meet which proved to be a success beyond anyone's expectations. The expected and committed investments, even if it materializes in part, has great potential to unleash a new wave of industrialization which will benefit the SME sector and urged the experienced industrialists and entrepreneurs to be in readiness to fully capitalize on this wave.

Jul, 2010

India and Sustainable Development

Viewed in a broad spectrum growth in Indian economy has been registering an average rate of 7/8 percent per year in recent years and per capita income is increasing at the rate of about 7 percent. Hectic endeavours to keep up the momentum of economic growth had kept environmental considerations as secondary objectives in policy making. It has been a tough trade-off decision between economic growth and environmental protection.

Boposhima and Hiroshima in both U.S is Guilty: Bhopal Gassasination and Union Carbide Carnage

This is constitutional phoney platitude in print. But the Parliament is too busy making noises not making law to defend civilized Bharat’s citizen life. 25 years is unpardonable delay for an ordinary crime and atrocious for a mass blitz causing thousands of innocent lives. Not over yet, but continuing its lethal consequences on surviving Bhopalis.

Encourage Innovation to Develop New Varieties of Man-Made Fibre

The GEA described the bringing out of the draft National Fibre Policy as ''positive and timely'', saying it would go a long way in safe-guarding and promoting the interest of farmers, yarn manufacturers, fabric manufacturers and end users like garments exporters.

CSR Agenda for Dairy Entrepreneurs

The players of dairy industry have shown their commitment for the upliftment of landless, marginal and weaker sections engaged in the dairy industry. Such initiatives will also address the numerous issues like viability of a number of small and medium milk collection and chilling centers.

MoU with FISME: Eurochambers to Help Indian SMEs Go Green

EBTC, with focus on the areas of environment, energy, transport and biotechnology, identifies and facilitates relationships with businesses, research partners, suppliers and customers. It also assists in dealing with the legal, regulatory and bureaucratic procedures in India.

May, 2010

Ant and the Grasshopper

The Ant works hard in the withering heat all summer building its house and laying up supplies for the winter. The Grasshopper thinks the Ant is a fool and laughs & dances & plays the summer away. Come winter, the Ant is warm and well fed. The Grasshopper has no food or shelter so he dies out in the cold.

Crisis is the Time to Build up Lasting Goodwill

Employees who have worked with dedication, shouldered responsibilities, trained and developed their team members, promoted healthy relations amongst various functions and departments, respected company norms and standards, conformed to its policies and practices are seen as the most valuable assets in a crisis.

Kaspersky AV's battle against Malware - Pro Pocket Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Lab, a leading European developer of secure content management solutions, has announced the launch of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 'which is pocket-friendly

Lessons That Azim Premji Learnt in Life

8 lessons Azim Premji learnt.

Apr, 2010

Only Your Balance Sheet can Oxygenate Your Enterprise, says B2B tycoon Dinesh Agarwal

Balance sheet should never be treated casually. In the mad rush to upward their tax saving graph they neglect to symbolize their rate of growth in their balance sheet which is the primary need to raise funds from all sources - banks, private equity, venture capitalists or anywhere.

SIDBI Has Carved Out a Strategic Niche For Itself: Pranad Mukherjee

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise sector has been a key contributor to the growth story of the Indian economy. This sector contributes 8 percent of the country's GDP, 45 percent of the manufactured output and 40 percent of our exports and above all, provides employment to nearly 6 crore persons through 2.6 crore enterprises.

Mar, 2010

In search of the right communication formula

“We are ready with the second phase of the anti-corruption campaign and the intention of this is to shake the individual. It is almost like turning the knife in their stomach. It is a powerful campaign and might bring us some criticism too.”

Where the US will find growth and jobs

Policy makers pinning their hopes on cutting-edge “clean” technologies to create jobs on a large scale are likely to be disappointed. Innovation in R&D-intensive; sectors can play a vital role, enabling productivity gains and consumer benefits in the economy more broadly—think IT.

Approach to Clusters Development in India

Cluster Development is Widespread: Across the globe in at least fifty developed and transition economies; micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) producing same or similar range of products; have often been found to naturally co-exist in typical geographical locations - "clusters".

Feb, 2010

IT Confluence by Amity: Time for the Academia and the Industry to Join Hands

The summit focussed on the strategies for 'Information & Storage Management'. It served as a platform to make awareness about the enormity and complexity of challenges in managing and storing information.

Harness Grassroot Talent by Reaching Out to Villages, Dinsha Patel Exhorts Entrepreneurs

The Minister shared with the audience that Asian Bank has given a loan 150 million dollars for the benefit for MSMEs which will be disbursed to the MSMEs in the next 36 months. He also assured assistance to any MSME in person and also assured of complete cooperation from his office for the same.

Knowledge Kit

A "budget" is a plan for the accomplishment of programs related to objectives and goals within a definite time period, including an estimate of resources required, together with an estimate of resources available, usually compared with one or more past periods and showing future requirements.

Jan, 2010

MSMEs Sector Fundamental to Indian Economy: Jyotiraditya Scindia

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Union Minister of State, Department of Commerce and Industry in his recorded session expressed his views on “Collaboration and not just competition between India and foreign small and medium businesses”. He quoted that despite the slowdown, India has achieved 7.98% GDP growth in which MSME's contribution is remarkable because MSME is very fundamental to the economy.

Dec, 2009

Imagine What Drinking Water Can Do to You!

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Just look at the facts: The brain contains 74% water, blood contains 83% water, lean muscle has 75% and bone has 22% water. Experts agree that water is one of the most powerful forms of treatment. So how come most people don't drink enough water?

Justice M. S. Liberhan - The Judge Behind The Judgement

The report of Government- appointed One-Man Commission of Inquiry on Babri Masjid demolition (December 6, 1992), chaired by Retired Justice Manmohan Singh Liberhan, was 'leaked' to, or 'scooped' by, and front-paged by a newspaper headquartered in New Delhi.

The Water Women of Barmer’s Sands

Barmer (Women's Feature Service) - Dallu Devi, 40, of Khari village, Barmer district, is barely able to eke out a livelihood although she owns a few acres of land. Severe water shortage makes farming virtually impossible in this village, as in the rest of the Thar desert, that stretches across Barmer and Jaisalmer districts of western Rajasthan.

The Winning Bad Bosses

Complacency is the single greatest predictor of poor company performance. The second greatest – an environment in which employees are overwhelmed. Many successful companies are known for their stressful work environments. Microsoft, in its early days, had one of the most contentious, high-strung, and fast-paced corporate cultures.

Nov, 2009

Ajit Anantroa Pawar - Man of the month

Ajit Anantrao Pawar is 50. But with the NCP ( 1999-(56), 2004-(71), 2009-(62), ending far behind the finish line in the third round with 20 MLAs less than the Congress, his ambitions have been paid put. Too impatient for a silver lining five years hence, ( or could be fearing the uncle may merge the NCP with the Congress ), Ajit had sent feelers this time that he wouldn't be averse to being Ashok Chavan's deputy.

Territory settlement 1947 partition - Claim Over Taj, Indus & Carriages

Property took precedence over territory in the settlement of 1947. Muslims opting for Pakistan wanted the Taj Mahal a Moghul relic to be brought down piece-by-piece and shipped to Pakistan; hardcore Hindus wondered if River Indus could be 're coursed ' to flow through India.

Time Travel - Wealth hogi ! Common hogi !

The Chief Minister set a new trend applicable to all. She, her ministers were to hail loudly “Meri Dilli” ? Bureaucrats, all others were to respond aloud “Meri Shaan”…

Oct, 2009

Paani Mein Panchayat !

A call went out by the ministers to their private secretaries for bicycles. Orders are orders ! A call went out by the private secretaries to assistant private secretaries. Orders are orders ! Peons were summoned. And ordered to spare their bicycles.

Sep, 2009

Anand Sharma, Man of the month – SME World, ASEAN, Foreign Trade Policy

Anand Sharma, union minister Industry and Commerce has many achievements to his credit in the area of foreign trade policy. Sme World looks at his initiatives that have furthered the cause of Indian exporters.

Time Travel And Thus Dawned The 100th Day !

29August2009. UPA-II's 100th day in office. The RAX (Restricted Access Exchange ) rang. The Prime Minister was on line.The Minister came running.

Aug, 2009

Rita Bahuguna, Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, UP politics, Congress bsp politicking

Though the BSP supports the INC at the Centre from outside, its worst fear is a reversal of roles when it seek a re-verdict in UP. Mayawati social engineering has fizzled out as a one time wonder.

SME Expo to Explore Business Opportunities

The annual SME Expo of Logistics & Material Handling slated for August 19-21, 2009 in Mumbai would provide the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the logistics sector a platform for exploring business opportunities.

The Judge Unseen But Not Unsung!

It was the Summer of 1969. The Supreme Court had struck down Mrs Indira Gandhi's attempts to abolish privy purses. The Statesman alone ( if memory serves me right ) front paged the sketches of the learned bench. Its contemporaries published the story without a photo support.

Jul, 2009

The great fight back of tsunami victims - Fishing Out Profits

Very little is left of the original Pillemedu today. A tiny fishing village, falling under the Killai Special Panchayat of Cuddalore district in Tamil Nadu, it was literally swallowed up by the sea when the killer tsunami struck in December 2004.

Ravider Singh Saggu – Owner a ‘Saggu Engineering Corporation’ – Featured SME Entrepreneur

Ravider Singh Saggu owns a small manufacturing unit ‘Saggu Engineering Corporation’ in an industrial hub in Ghaziabad and making all kind of Gears, Spur, Helical Worm and Precision CNC turning etc.

Jun, 2009

Kill Your Ego

Man's Knowledge and Skills takes him to the top of the ladder and makes him successful, however the three letter word "EGO" can pull him down to earth immediately at its double speed.

Montek Singh Ahluwalia – Man of the month – SME World Feature

Montek Singh Ahluwalia! In him has reinvested, Dr Manmohan Singh his confidence! Having set for UPA-II a socio-economic high for India, the acknowlegded economist in the Prime Minister has handpicked the equally acknowledged economist in the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission for a second term.

May, 2009

It Was Fine With Me Till I Was At Fault!

Ambitious sprouts in many for a seat in India's most August House of 2009, and five years onwards. It was fine with me. Irrespective of caste upper. Middle, lower, colour inherited or acquired, creed by cradle or conversion, the ambitious hop-step-jumped into the arena. It was fine with me. All were pip-squeak of speakers. It was fine with me.

Apr, 2009

Gurgaon – city of contrasts, slums, bpo, poor infrastructure.

The satellite city exploded as outsourcing boomed; today two million people live here, while opulent parks house multinationals but the infrastructure has not kept up


On the eve of every General Elections, I sit back, more amused than annoyed, wondering how I don't ever figure in the privileged cross section of society, across the country…

Time Management Parable – Human Interest story

One day, an expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget.

Feb, 2009

Special issue to focus on Mysore Industries

Mysore, the ethnic township with vibrant traditional values in southern-most Karnataka, bordering Tamilnadu is better known as the cultural capital of Karnataka. However, its existence dates back to the Mahabharata times.

Tex-Styles India 2009 - A Unique Show

Tex-Styles India 2009, Asia's premier B2B Textile Exhibition showcasing huge collection of Indian textiles from all sectors of the industry is an ideal forum for presenting the multi-faceted splendour of the Indian textile industry and has established itself as the leading fair of its kind in South East Asia.

Jan, 2009

GTZ works hand in hand with Indian SMEs

Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) is an international cooperation enterprise for sustainable development, operating worldwide. GTZ was established in 1975, organized as a private company owned by the German Federal Government.

Kirana stores have a last laugh

The once gasping for fresh breathes neighborhood kirana stores, have heaved a sigh of relief. “Before modern retail could attain scale, the economy went into a tailspin,” said Mr Biyani, CEO of India's biggest retailer Future Group adding that Kirana has been more efficient at managing cost.

Dec, 2008

SME World to be Media Partner in the World SME Conference '08

This status quo strongly warrants a forum for people across the world to bring their minds together to articulate the concerns and issues afflicting the SMEs the world over. The World SME Conference will bring together thinktanks and experts from all over the world on a common platform. If organisations all over the world share their knowledge and expertise in the development of SMEs.

Gurind Group – manufacturer of toughened (tempered) glass.

Gurind is one of the largest exporters of value added glass and decorative mirrors to a number of countries namely, USA, UK, Australia, France and Germany. The company has been awarded the highest grading 'A' by the 'Habitat' Global Manufacturing Principles while conducting the appraisal of its manufacturing facilities with special reference to Quality Control, Environmental Impact, Social Responsibilty and Ethical Practices.

Knowledge series to help SMEs on Critical issues – ICICI, Cyber Media Initiative

Knowledge series is a joint effort of ICICI Bank and Cyber Media to promote the entrepreneurial society across the country by providing a platform for SMEs to discuss critical business issues.

Promoting Managers with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) and The Regents of the University of California, on behalf of UCLA Anderson School of Management Executive Education Programs (EEP), today announced an Alliance Agreement that will provide EEP participants and sponsoring organizations with information, guidance and access to resources to help advance employment opportunities for managers with disabilities.

Terror Attacks boost Security Industry

It is estimated that in India a meager 10 percent of business houses install proper security gadgets. The top hotels, including the Taj Mahal Palace, Tower Hotel and Trident Hotel do not have X-ray machines to screen bags. It is noteworthy that the Taj Mahal Palace and Trident in Mumbai were two of the sites targeted by the terrorists.

Nov, 2008

Talk about punishment in school

You instantly think of harsh physical punishment meted out to erring students. Thrashing, canning, rolling ears, taking a few rounds of the playground in the hot, blazing sun are some of the modes of punishment which rightly said are the bane of childhood.


SME WORLD is co-organsing a Seminar on "Development of Agra Through SME Clusters' in Agra, on November 30, 2008 at Hotel Solitaire, Agra. Dr. Chanderpal, I.A.S., former Secretary, Ministry of MSME, Government of India, will chair the deliberations.

Oct, 2008

Human interest story - Attitude is Everything

John is the kind of person you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, "If I were any better, I would be twins!"

Sep, 2008

The Animal in us

Once a man went to a Veterinary Doctor in India and said “Doctor I have come on vacation for a month so that I can get myself treated fully within this period.”

The Invisible Entrepreneur

It is by natural instinct that we all strive for excellence and that too for creating a noble way of living. Thus we become creators of our own employment through our two hands. But even that needs support from nature, foes and friends alike. The saga never ends, as it is a daily ritual for surviving against all odds.

New Scheme to promote Herbarium Research in India

The 'National Mission on Medicinal Plants' scheme has been approved by the Government of India with the objective of supporting, cultivating and setting up of processing zones and clusters of medicinal plants.

Human interest story - THE BRICK

"Don't go through life so fast that someone has to throw a brick at you to get your attention!" God whispers in our souls and speaks to our hearts. Sometimes when we don't have time to listen, He has to throw a brick at us. It's our choice to listen or not.

British company has developed a detective camera

British company, has developed a camera that can detect weapons, drugs or explosives hidden under one's clothes from upto 25 meters away.

Garment Fair comes of age - Sizeable business traded at IIGF

The fair created a record of sorts in terms of turnout and the business it generated from buyers from all over the world. About 700 overseas buyers and more than 300 buying agents, the largest being from USA, and other India's garment export destinations like UK, Spain, Japan, France, Turkey, Italy, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong etc.

Garlic-The wonder in your kitchen

Garlic has been traditionally used for asthma, deafness, leprosy, bronchial congestion and lowering high cholesterol levels. Besides, it has been found highly useful in fevers, worms, lever, and gall bladder problems. Garlic is known to be highly useful in keeping the heart in good shape. It is a food for hair and induces appetite. Garlic juice has a very beneficial effect on the entire system.

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