Government Procurement

May, 2012

Management with Conscience

NSIC was setup on the philosophy of Promotion and Development of MSMEs by delivering demand driven services while being self sustaining. The CMD of NSIC, Dr. H. P. Kumar recently gave a poignant presentation on applying conscience in management and discharging our duties.

Dec, 2010

Worried About Demand for Your Products? Try Government Organisations!!

Government understands the problem of marketing problem among the SMEs and that' why have been constituting and implementing various schemes like Market Development Assistance (MDA). In MDA, there are many schemes like Participation in the international exhibitions/ fairs, financial assistance for using Global Standards (GS1) in barcoding, purchase and Price Preference Policy, etc.

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mrs.kanchan gedam
16 Sep 2013 (18:39:06)
i am into goverment trading of furniture,not having furniture unit.pls guide me how to go further with more work with governments.
08 Jul 2013 (07:26:47)
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09 Apr 2013 (05:19:11)
Thanks for the article Jim, Alan and VincentThis is an area that we are iagrensincly focusing on from a Scottish Enterprise and SDI perspective. Would be happy to explain more if you want to meet up ? Among the things we are doing is running social media workshops, providing direct advice to SME's through our specialist teams and planning more education and awareness raising activities in the year ahead. Would be great to hear more thoughts on the importance of social media in accelerating internationalisation of SMEs.