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Mar, 2014

Samarpan Yog for Better Living- Meditation & Spiritual Healing

We have sufficient evidence to prove that Indian Saints and Spiritualists used meditation as a form of mind-body medicine. For centuries the modern science only believed in the physical self but now it is finally catching on.

Feb, 2014

Tips for Healthy Bone and Joint

Bones and joints are responsible for body movement. Any defect, illness or deformity in the body leads to pain, decrease in or loss of mobility of the joints.

Healing through Heart

Many western scientists and philosophers are now admitting that consciousness is another force altogether which is on par with matter and energy. In India Vedic saints had realized and established this fact that there is nothing in physical body that defines consciousness.

Oct, 2013

How Can SMEs Benefit From Classical Ayurveda?

Ayurveda a compound word of the Sanskrit Ayur life, longevity and Veda knowledge beyond a system of medicines is about a personalised way of life that leads to self actualisation and fulfillment at the physical, mental, and spiritual level. In the context of health and wellbeing, Ayurveda approaches it at the preventive, curative, and promotive perspective i.e. it either looks at restoring good health in a diseased person or preventing disease and enhancing the health of an already healthy person.

Executives Ignoring Stress Can Develop Complications: Acharya Dr. Vikrmaditya

Stress is an unavoidable aspect of life. People of all ages can experience stress. Some stress is helpful because it provides motivation. Stress can affect the way people think, act and feel.

May, 2012

Govt.'s Lackluster Attitude Towards Ayurveda Bad for Health: Dr. Deepak Tiwari

The hectic work conditions keeping you mentally attentive and alert have taken a toll on your health. Gone are the days when our jobs involved physical activity which made us exercising all day long. SME WORLD shares some experiences of an ayurveda practitioner Dr. Deepak Tiwari, who took his B.A.M.S degree from the famed Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and C.C.Y.P (Yoga) degree from Government Ayurvedic College, Varanasi. Dr. Tiwari went on to specialize in ailments of Bone and Joint pain, spondylosis, Gout and Fibromyalgia.

Mar, 2012

“Many Things in the Pipeline to Regulate Health sector”

Most developed nations and even some developing nations have strict regulations in place for the health industry. Why is this not the case with our country? In India, health is not considered an industry in the true sense of the word. There are steel industries, rubber industries, etc. that are listed as industry under the Ministry of Industry and are regulated by all the available regulatory mechanisms that apply uniformly to all such industrial set-ups. They get concessions and incentives in various taxes, according to prevalent government policies. That is not so with the health sector.

Jul, 2011

Real Time Diabetes Management: Cheeny Kum to Provide Round the Clock Health Alerts

Cheeny Kum sends customized medication reminders, motivational and behavioral trigger messages, and condition reading requests to individuals on their cell phones in the forms of SMSs.

Jan, 2011

We Want Diagnostics Science to Reach Everyone’s Doorstep in India: Diagno-Lady Ameera Shah

Metropolis, started with just one diagnostic center in Mumbai, has today a chain of 60 state-of-the-art laboratories across the globe. Metropolis today caters to more than 10,000 small labs, nursing homes and hospitals, over 20,000 consultants and processes more than 10 million tests annually.

Nov, 2010

You Are What You Eat: Good Practices for Healthy Living

There are five types of cooking methods, boiling, steaming, baking, roasting and frying. The first three methods are better, but, other two methods not only spoil the nutritive value, also there is formation of toxic substances. Cooking directly without using the bowls in the pressure cooker, the vegetables or pulses bring heavy loss of the essential nutrients.

Oct, 2010

Food for Healing & Maintaining Health

Hyperacidity, Constipation: - It is believed that constipation is a root cause of all diseases & it is to greater extent true in cases of digestive disorders. It is always better to go into the causative factors of the diseases & not give a pill or drug as remedy...

Sep, 2010

Delhi Medical Tourism: Delhi Doctors Promise Free Help to Poor Patients

Thousands of patients from across various tier II and tier III cities visit the capital everyday for medical treatment and many of them feel lost in search of the suitable hospitals and most of the leading hospitals have constant scarcity of beds. The condition of poor patients is apathetic and more often than not they fall an easy prey to the middlemen.

Yoga & Naturopathy Can Help You Keep Balance Between Your Body and Mind

Whereas gradually with passing of time, their working efficiency, concentration, support of body tends to weaken. The sharp rise in the incidents of diabetes, blood pressure, paralysis, kidney failure, and other related diseases bear testimony to this. And ultimately all these afflict your health and your business.

Yoga-Panacea for Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a life-style and stress related disorder. Basically, it is characterized by an abnormally high level of glucose in the blood and the excretion of the excess sugar in the urine. The primary defect is the lack of insulin, which leads to defective metabolism, not only of carbohydrate but also of protein and fats.

May, 2010

How to Explore the World of Meditation

Yoga meditation can give people something which nothing else can. The individuals are introduced to the different levels of themselves. Yoga meditation can bring calmness, tranquility of the mind, better health, better life, better relationships, personal insights, spiritual insights, philosophical insights, and a true sense of wellness.

Integrated Yoga Based Stress Management Program for Workholics

The Integrated Yoga Program is designed not just to offer much needed relaxation at the work place but also to mould ones personalities, inculcate healthy attitudes and perceptions and cope with stress with equanimity.

Apr, 2010

Detoxification-A Better Way to Healthy Living

70% of our body contains water. Our immune system can protect our body from many diseases and disorders naturally. The natural healing forces of our body heal many diseases, fractures and wounds which are unique.

Mar, 2010

Pain Management through Hydrotherapy

Pain sensation plays an essential role in protecting the body tissues against damage. In fact, it is slightest tissue damage itself, which stimulates pain nerve endings.

Feb, 2010

Multiple Coronary Risk Factors and their Modification by Naturopathy & Yoga

Although there are a number of improved drugs to control hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, the drugs alone cannot control for longer period or prevent the damage to the vital organs and they have their side-effect.

Jan, 2009


Research studies have indicated that organic food helps a person control blood sugar levels, keep cholesterol in check and provides vital nutrients for the body. Besides this, organic farms do not release synthetic pesticides into the environment.

Dec, 2008

Importance of Physical Activity

It is important to exercise at intensity vigorous enough to cause your heart rate and breathing to increase. How hard you should exercise depends to a certain degree on your age & is determined by measuring your heart rate in beats per minutes.

Nov, 2008

The Vitamin C in Amla helps in dilating the blood vessels

The cholesterol in our body is a very essential component. The human liver is the main source of cholesterol. The amount of unused cholesterol gets collected in the blood vessels, thus resulting in heart attacks. The Vitamin C in amla helps in dilating the blood vessels and thereby reducing the blood pressure.

Sep, 2008

A Healthy You

Living has become hard now. Harder still, for the modern businessman who struggles from day to night trying to accomplish the day's tasks. More often than not, the nights too are not spared. A day may end with a sense of accomplishment but nevertheless it keeps your mind at work thinking, pondering, and worrying about the next day.

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ramesh tharmavaram
20 Jan 2014 (08:53:42)
i am sixty years young. because i have been practicing healthy nutrition habits for the past 11 years. i run a heath clinic where the focus is on prevention. a person need not have to become sick to realize the importance of wellness. wellness is proactive and sickness, illness, diseases and medications, specially allopathy are reactive. people are always surprised at my energy levels, my looks etc. when i ask people to guess my age, most of them say anything between 40 to forty-five. last week someone said insisted that i look nothing beyond 35. its all because of healthy nutritional habit.