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Mar, 2014

In conversation with Ms. Ines Bastos (EMRC)

EMRC is working towards developing the economy of African nations through private sector investments. The team at EMRC is multicultural bringing together the joint force and experience of nationals from various countries and educational background to create meaningful partnerships for development of private sector in Africa.

Feb, 2014

Growing Partnerships for Africa’s Development

The Africa Finance and Investment Forum AFIF is an annual business networking event organized in the framework of EMRC internationals activities, aimed at strengthening the private sector in Africa, encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting investment in the African continent.

Aug, 2012

Entrepreneurs Development Programmes

The SMEs in Malaysia, represents 99.2 per cent of total business establishments, which contributes significantly to the country's economy. Realising its vast potential, the Government identified them as the next engine of growth and has made the effective coordination and monitoring of overall SME development programmes through the establishment of a central coordinating agency, to spearhead the development of SMEs across all sectors called SME Corp. Malaysia. As an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), SME Corp. Malaysia introduced and implemented various development programmes and financial assistance schemes to enhance the capability and capacity of SMEs.

Jul, 2012

The National Mark of Malaysian Brand

THE NATIONAL MARK OF MALAYSIAN BRAND is an accolade designed to raise the visibility of quality Malaysian products and services in the local, regional and global markets. Recipients of this seal of quality applaud the government's initiative and say it has contributed in building their reputation and sales both at home and abroad.

Jun, 2012

Malaysia Truly Asia

SME Corporation Malaysia (SME Corp. Malaysia) is one such agency which is prominent and dominant in promoting SMEs in Malaysia. In this feature we share a brief introduction of this body which is making serious efforts to improve and increase the efficiency of SMEs.

Joint Initiative by Oikocredit and EMRC

Joint Initiative by Oikocredit and EMRC on the Role of Microfinance Sector for Africa's economic Growth

May, 2012

Dubai SME- Spearheading SME Initiative

Dubai has always been a major hub of economic activity in the Persian Gulf. Its potential for trade and commerce is established and exemplified in more ways than one. The imposing Burj Dubai is not merely an architectural marvel but a sign of the Kingdom's dedication and keenness to be innovative and one of the best in the world.

Feb, 2012

Assessment of Policies and Environment for Entrepreneurial Development

Introduction: Nepal since sometime back has started to accelerate the pace of entrepreneurship development in the country. Efforts are made to educate and train the people. The Nepal Government realized that the country should come out from hibernation and build infrastructures in the country. Without basic infrastructures, it is virtually impossible to develop the country and entrepreneurship. As a result, the government has established various institutions to impart entrepreneurship and skill development training to potential entrepreneurs. The entry of entrepreneurs into the business field may be because of various favourable policy environments, personal dedication and initiative or influence by family background or effects of demonstration

Sep, 2011

Showcasing Hamriyah Free Zone : Beyond Borders- Global Gateway for Indian SMEs

Projecting itself as a Next Generation Free Zone, HFZA is spread over an area of 22 million square meters and provides a host of Investment Incentives. HFZA claims that approximately 5500+ companies from 137 countries are part of it. It consists of 7 main zones - Oil and Gas, Perfume World, Construction World, Timber Land, Petrochemical Zone, Steel City and Maritime City. A detailed list of investors can be found on their website.

Jun, 2011

India—Africa Summit and Manmohan's Visit Is Historic Glorious Wonder to Build a New Third World

We, the People of India and the disciples of Mahatma Gandhi send you as a grand, majestic messenger with a V sign and sow the seeds of a black-brown blend of happy Earth of fraternity, integrity, unity, felicity and rejoice as we welcome you as the Indo-African Allies. This is your historic role, no war, no colour bar a new culture.

May, 2011

Towards Global Economy: Fostering SMEs is the Best Option for Sustainable Development

But how can we make economic growth inclusive? It's not rocket science, and we have known the answer for so long, though we keep coming back to this question again and again. The key to root out poverty is improving the performance and sustainability of local entrepreneurs and SMEs, who represent the backbone of global economic activity.

Aug, 2010

Presence in EU is Mandatory to Become a Global Player

Smadja said European Union is the biggest investor in India and also provides the biggest outlet for Indian investments. She also appreciated the Indian government's efforts to open up economy to be FDI-friendly and also to simplifying FDI procedures. She said concluding the FTA negotiations will send a clear signal of engagement on both sides. “It would boost both trade and investment between the EU and India. We need to seize this opportunity. This is a once in a life time opportunity for both of us,” she emphasized.

Jul, 2010

Hong Kong: Perfect Investment Destination

The Government of Hong Kong provides various options and opportunities to invest. InvestHK is the department for foreign direct investment, under the policy purview of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government. InvestHK is responsible for attracting and facilitating inward investment into the city. It supports overseas, Mainland and Taiwanese companies to set up and expand in Hong Kong.

May, 2010

Indians take part in U.S. entrepreneur summit

The summit organized by U.S. President Barack Obama in an attempt to bridge the gap with the Muslim World saw the participation of six business and social entrepreneurs from India.

Dec, 2009

Economic Summit on Trade and Investment

The Global Economic Summit on Trade & Investment has shaped up as a high level interactive opportunity between investors, industry, decision makers and policy planners. The Summit is scheduled in Mumbai-the commercial capital of the country- from January 20-22, 2010 at The Taj Mahal Palace & Towers.

India’s Magic Formula

Value of Foreign Direct Investment (FDIs) into India over the course of the last five years. According to the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, a part of India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the financial year 2005-06 saw a total of $8.9bn FDI equity inflows to India

Oct, 2009

Export Potential: Philippines

Castillo, chief of the Food and Food Preparations Division of the bureau of Export Trade Promotion, suggests you try exporting ready to eat food or gourmet food, segments that are growing fast as a result of consumers' changing lifestyle.

Opportunities abroad - Access Wales

Successful businesses have remarkable clarity when it comes to setting strategic direction, especially regarding big business decisions such as expanding into new markets. Access Wales offers you the opportunity to test the Wales/UK market to ensure the location decision you make is the right one.

Sep, 2009

Virtual Global Organisations - The Next Generation LSPs

Virtual Global Organization's can be created through strategic alliances and partnerships between an Origin LSP of one location/country and Destiny LSP of another location/country.

Globalization a Challenge to Employability

Post globalization, a multitude of workforce is required to interface with the outside world and it is here that severe limitations emerge, leading to poor employability, bad image and low output. Some of these limitations are discussed in the succeeding paragraphs.

Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 and Impact on SME's

Commerce Ministry has given a new direction to the Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14 to sustain our global trade and development. SMEs need to understand the features of the Foreign Trade Policy to take advantages of new export related benefits under the current Foreign Trade Policy.

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Karan Singh
11 Nov 2010 (09:54:54)
Best of Luck!! Well done people , i'm sure it will go places. Looks like a lot of effort has gone in motivating these upcoming artists....
Savneet Bains
11 Nov 2010 (09:50:15)
A great effort to highlight the upcoming entrepreneurs. I wish the magazine good luck and many congratulations to people who have done great piece of work in life.