Special Reports

Mar, 2014

Mothers Playing Multiple Roles

When you have just decided to go ahead and chase your dream of higher studies, the one you had sidelined for quite some time now, you realize the road ahead is not so easy. If being a mother itself is a full time job, how about being a working mother? And it doesnt stop here. Imagine a working mother pursuing higher studies. Yes, we are talking about a working mother student.

Oct, 2013


Association of Healthcare Providers India AHPI represents the vast majority of healthcare providers in India to work as not for profit organization for advocacy with the government, regulatory bodies and other stake holders on issues, which have bearing on enabling its member organizations to deliver appropriate healthcare services to community at large. The Association of Healthcare Providers India AHPI functions through an empowered secretariat which facilitates the member organizations in improving their systems, processes and outcomes on continuous basis, AHPI is registered as SOCIETY under Indian society registration ACT of 1860.

Aug, 2013

Kedarnath Loss Estimated at Over 20,000 Crores

Life of thousands of households living off Kedarnath Char Dham tourism has hit a quandary as a result of recent tragedy. However, those survived have yet to come out of the shock for losing their near and dear ones and their homes. Government estimates put the loss at 13,000 cr but market experts say the loss is over 20,000 cr.

Effective Communication Management

Loginworks Softwares, an ingenious software development company, has launched 'Never Miss out' campaign which aims to highlight the need and importance of communication management. It offers new communications-led features to bring out effectiveness of better communications in any professional set up.

Jul, 2012

Orphaned by DDA, Divorced by MCD- Rajendra Place is Left to Decay and Die

Faced with the increasing demand for commercial complexes in Delhi, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) mooted a commercial complex, Rajendra Place at Pusa Road, barely five kilometers from city's premier shopping icon Connaught Place, three kilometers from New Delhi railway Station and 10 kilometers from Airport and ambitiously called it an 'enemy of Connaught Place' in the late seventies.

Jun, 2012

New BPL Figure: Econometrics or Politics?

The new poverty estimates by the Planning Commission in March 2012 add to the uproar triggered by the it's own affidavit in the Supreme Court in October 2011 in which the BPL cap was pegged at an expenditure of Rs. 32 and Rs. 26 by an individual in the urban and rural areas respectively at the going rate of inflation in 2010-11.

Apr, 2012

EMRC, Brussels Associates with SME WORLD as its New Media Partner

EMRC has promoted business partnerships with the developing world and has organised dozens of business forums in key decision-making cities, such as Amsterdam, Rome, Lisbon, Cape Town, Paris, Johannesburg, Kampala and Brussels.

Feb, 2012

Streamlining Crowd's Vitality

The economic uncertainty around the world may have been the cause of many a setback but it has also created opportunities for innovation and prompted people to “really” think outside the cube. One such initiative is Jade Magnet, India's largest platform for delivering creative and marketing support services. Today they proudly claim to have over 15,000 freelancers and small agencies in their network, and have managed to deliver more than 1,200 design and technology projects in the last 2 years. The aim is to bridge the gap between businesses and providers of creative services. It works on the basic concept of freelancing.

Answering the Integration Quest – AGC Networks Ltd.

In this age of information, technology is spurting with new solutions every day. Technology is being employed to bring in business effectiveness and performance. One has a PC, laptop, netbook, tablet and smartphone to work with, generate and store their data. Data storage is also multi-faceted with cloud, company database, web servers etc. There are too many interfaces which need to talk at the same platform and the concern for data security simply multiplies.

Jan, 2012

Be Skeptical. Be very Skeptical. Mistake upon Mistake

In recent months, we've had a few slip-ups by the official statistical system in India: • Yesterday's IIP release was preceded by a mistake. Mint says: On Monday, the government was guilty of a similar error in its factory output data. Till it corrected the number pertaining to capital goods output, analysts were left scrambling for explanations as to how this had grown 25.5% while overall factory growth had shrunk 5.1%. (The answer: it hadn't, and had actually shrunk by 25.5%). • On 9 December, we discovered there were important mistakes in the exports data. • In December 2010, RBI modified the numbers that it releases about its trading on the currency market. • In September 2010, there was a mistake in the quarterly GDP data released by CSO.

Be Skeptical. Be very Skeptical. Mistake upon Mistake

In recent months, we've had a few slip-ups by the official statistical system in India: • Yesterday's IIP release was preceded by a mistake. Mint says: On Monday, the government was guilty of a similar error in its factory output data. Till it corrected the number pertaining to capital goods output, analysts were left scrambling for explanations as to how this had grown 25.5% while overall factory growth had shrunk 5.1%. (The answer: it hadn't, and had actually shrunk by 25.5%). • On 9 December, we discovered there were important mistakes in the exports data. • In December 2010, RBI modified the numbers that it releases about its trading on the currency market. • In September 2010, there was a mistake in the quarterly GDP data released by CSO.

Dec, 2011

Ahmedabad Unit Makes it Big with e-Commerce

India is the second largest producer of food and holds the potential to be the biggest on global food and agriculture canvas, according to a Corporate Catalyst India (CCI) survey. The food industry in India comprises food production and the food processing industry. The food processing industry is one of the largest in India – it is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption, export and expected growth.

Oct, 2011

Logistics Boost with Augmentation of Air Cargo Service in Western India

Ojhar airport has strategic benefits in terms of location and state-of-the-art infrastructure, making it a desired hub for air cargo services in western India. The strategic location of the airport gives it an edge over other air cargo complexes in Maharashtra. The Mumbai-Agra national highway (NH3) runs through Nasik. The city comprises of 4 lane expressway (under construction), giving faster connectivity to Mumbai.

Sep, 2011

Significance of a Customized Rating Approach for MSMEs

The credit risk assessment in MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) segment requires a customized approach, as the factors affecting the creditworthiness are somewhat different compared to large corporate entities. Accordingly, CARE introduced SME ratings in 2006 and has a MoU with NSIC for the NSIC–CARE Performance and Credit Rating for SSIs, a special rating product. SME Rating indicates the relative level of creditworthiness of an SME entity, adjudged in relation to other SMEs. It is an issuer specific, one time rating reflecting overall general creditworthiness.

Aug, 2011

Hillary Clinton visits WWF (I), wants Grassroots Women Entrepreneurs to be Local Leaders

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to India visited Working Women's Forum (India), a leading Chennai-based NGO, and announced “Goldman Sachs, a global financial company, has decided to support a training program through the Indian School of Business to help self-help groups bring even more knowledge and skills about how to take your businesses from the very local village level to the cities, to the countries, to the world.”

The Whys and Wherefores: Mystery of Missing Labourers

Around the world, SMEs are said to generate steady avenues of employment. This segment is actually instrumental in bringing about inclusive economic and social growth. The fundamental requirement here is to foster a health environment for SMEs to thrive. Though everyone understands and acknowledges the importance of SMEs, very little is actually being done to improve the conditions.

Jul, 2011

Owning Your Own Home: The Real (E)state of Affairs

For an average property worth Rs. 50 lakhs that translates to Rs. 10 lakhs from own sources under an ideal scenario. The actual situation is if a property that is being purchased costs Rs. 50 lakhs, the white and black component is somewhere between 65-80% and 35-20% respectively.

MOM & POP STORES Go Online: Emerging Brand Economy Forces Indian Retail Space to Modernise

AaramShop.com is a hybrid online retail platform that is completely focused on marketing of essentials like FMCG and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. 'AaramShop' focuses on transforming the current consumer behaviour of casual web browsing to an engaging behaviour of brand purchase.

Jun, 2011

The BBB Model of Entrepreneurship - II

The lead characters in the movie “Band Baaja Baaraat” exemplify this very clearly. They always made efforts to give whatever their clients desired. That is the major reason for their tremendous success. Their clients got satisfaction and happiness and as a result “Shaadi Mubarak” got more business.

The Missing Pieces: How Good are Indian Firms?

Ironically, few firms begin by asking for help in understanding their customers or their competitors. Instead, most look for financing or government assistance. Since their starting position is that their products are high quality, they falsely believe that success is just a favor or lucky break away. Unfortunately, financing such companies is throwing good money after bad and subsidizing them with tax benefits or other special treatment degrades the competitive environment for everyone.

Need for Rapid Incubation NSIC's Innovative Model

Keeping in view the need for creating more and more self employment opportunities and for capacity building of the unemployed persons who are vulnerable in terms of lack of higher education and sound financial means, NSIC has started a new programme by providing integrated support through Rapid incubation of unemployed people in NSIC's Technical & Incubation Centres.

Economic Resurgence of West Bengal

West Bengal has significant reserves of natural resources. The state produces around 20 million MT of coal annually. Other minerals found in the state are Apalite (Calcium Phosphate), Asbestos, Barytes, Base metals, China Clay, Ochre, Moulding Sand, Glass Sand, Graphite, Mica, Titanium Ore and many more. Graphite is the crystal form of Carbon.

May, 2011

The BBB Model of Entrepreneurship

Creating value means you've to create quality- in the enterprise, business, products, services. Delivering value would again, to a large extent mean delivering quality, but would also entail on-time delivery, proper specification etc. Obtaining value is all about creating value in the customers who graduate into clients and will happen only when huge value has been created in the relationship between you, your enterprise and the customer.

81st Geneva Motor Show -The Festival of Cars: Their Sparkle, Innovation and Future

The Geneva International Motor Show is not only one of the most attractive in the automobile world, but is also known for its "leading-edge" in every sense of the word. India's largest auto company, Tata Motors, unvield its new, 'PIXEL' based on its small car 'Nano' platform exclusively for the European market.

Apr, 2011

Single Vendor : Multiple Benefits

Purchasing from a single vendor not only ensures a seamless service, but also allows helps to address demands for more functionality and capacity building to ensure higher performance.

Energising India: Focus Should Be On Power Needs Of Remote Areas

Sujata Soparkar, Hon. Gen. Secy., TSSIA told SME WORLD that such seminars are always important and work towards spreading awareness about conserving energy and the need to adopt green technologies. P. S. Agwan, Hon. Gen. Secy., COSIA, highlighted his stellar achievements of the organisation over the years.

The Imperfect Haiku

I share the grief of destruction with the country which showered on me tonnes of happiness and loads of pleasant memories during my year long stay in Japan. It is the country of Perfection, of Precision, of Persistence, of Patience, of Politeness! It is sad to note that God probably doesn't like perfection or is it that He feared competition?? Why else did He take to destruction …of the ….Perfection?????

Mar, 2011

Labour Diversity in MSMEs for Inclusive Growth

Majority of the work in areas where physical labour, construction, sanitary related, cleaning, sewage removal etc often left to those at the bottom of the pyramid. Traditionally, some of the sectors such as leather, recycling industries, bidi labour etc and in some of the craft industries such as brassware, glassware, cotton and silk embroidery and the making of perfume etc are considered to be dominated by Muslims.

Rural Poor vis-a-vis Urban Poor

In an era overpowered by globalization and governed by WTO and TRIPS regimes, TK management and protection require attention. In rural areas, we need to focus on the rich heritage base and intellectual property (IP) of the grassroots creative communities. The issue of IP Rights comes into the picture even for TK, because without adequate protection, it can't yield economic benefits to its originators.

The New MSMEs Minister Virbhadra Singh spells out his immediate task

The Minister said, “I consider it is my prime duty to see that the recommendations of the Task force are implemented expeditiously and bank funds are made available to the MSMEs adequately at softer rates of interest and without hassles."

Feb, 2011

The Second Last Word: Entrepreneur SHIP for India…….?.??

Entrepreneurship seems to be attracting quite a talent these days. But what exactly is the scene in India? How does the Government support entrepreneurial ventures? How does it encourage entrepreneurship? Does there exist a conducive environment at all?? Perhaps this is the bigger or the biggest question!

Enhancing Global Competitiveness of Indian Auto SMEs through Knowledge Management

Indian automotive components sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of Indian economy and is dominated by SMEs. In order to enable Automobile SMEs tide-over the problems of technological backwardness and enhance their access to new technologies, it is imperative to offer them a conducive environment, which in the present context of globalization, calls for approach with knowledge playing a predominant role.

Need to Regulate the Regulators

India's tryst with free market forces began in 1991-92, when the duo of former Prime Minister late P V Narasimha Rao and then Finance Minister Dr Manmohan Singh progressively abolished industrial licensing, controls and quota raj. Except for a few sectors where one may still require a licence, the system of industrial licensing was abolished for practically every consumer and capital goods industry.

Gulf Cooperation Council: Petro Dollar Magnet and More

It is a unique bloc in the world of having more than half of oil reserve and also has been experiencing boom in its production for a long time. The council has formed to boost economic cooperation, fostering scientific and technical progress in industry, mining, agriculture, water and animal resources.

Jan, 2011

Resolutions For Breaking……….. ??

Year-ender reviews: Petrol Prices, Reforms & Inflation; The Road Ahead

The real estate sector in the country is one of great importance, for not only it provides a big investment opportunity but is also a large employer. A report of the Technical Group on Estimation of Housing Shortage, put the shortage of 26.53 million houses during the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2007-12).

Dec, 2010

Branding For Dilution…..??

But all the same, ironically, one most important thing that drives our lives in this modern era is Brands. The craving for buying branded products raises its head early on.

Steps for Sustainable & Profitable Business Growth

If a micro-level entrepreneur is able to maintain the business without affecting the quality of the product/service, with consistency in increasing turnover and profitability, such an attribute is called sustainability.

God Has Less Power than Corrupt Puissance

Everywhere, everyone and as much by delinquency as by nonfeasance everything is corrupt. The Trustees of State Power in the Executive, Legislative and, even marginally, Judicative, submit to Money power and malfeasance. Hindu Devaswoms and famous shrines are governed by Money—Go to any temple or high priest.

Nov, 2010

Gendered For Injustice….??

How many of you think women get the justice they deserve? And how many times do you think, the injustice is meted out by the opposite sex? You know we have a tendency to cling to the same explanations for everything. It's a man's world. Ya, ya! But do we ever think deeply, if that's really so?

IIM Lucknow: India SME Conclave 2010 to Discuss Sustainable and Enhanced Growth for MSMEs

With a view to expand its activities to the SMEs sector in India and to address the issues face by the SMEs, the Entrepreneurship Cell of IIM Lucknow conducted the “India SME Conclave -2009” at IIM Lucknow campus on last year in association with the Indian Industries Association (IIA) and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

Empowerment through Skill Development

The Government of India has launched the Skills Development Initiative (SDI) to train 1 million persons on demand-driven vocational skills over the next 5 years and 1 million each year after that to support skills training, certification and upgrading in the unorganized sector.

Export Potential of Herbal and Medicinal Plants in India

The demand for medicinal plant-based raw materials is growing at the rate of 15 to 25% annually worldwide. Global market size for herbal and medicinal plants is estimated at US$ 60 billion and is projected to reach US$ 5 trillion by 2050 (source WHO 2003). About 75% to 80% of the total exports of crude drugs come from India.

Oct, 2010

Upbeat and Downbeat Proportions of Indian Footwear Industry

The European Union and the USA are the major markets for Indian Footwear accounting for 79.95% and 9.22% share respectively in India's total footwear export. The other major exporting zones are Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, UAE and Denmark. These countries together accounts for nearly 81.49% of India's total leather products export.

Ways to Understand Your Business Growth

Growth is important for any type of business. Be it large company or any micro level business entity, all need inclusive and timely growth. Large corporate often have strategic planner and business growth strategist in their organisation.

Sep, 2010

‘Grahak Safal – Hum Safal’ a mantra for success

You are the master of your products or processes and accordingly you must ensure that your products or services add value to your customers. We have to establish a truly customer-focused culture throughout the organization and not just in the customer-facing departments.

The Second Last Word: Skilling the Bottom of the SME Pyramid

For skill development to yield desired results, stress on “Quality” rather than quantity! This is the core of the whole issue. Beginning with quality of strategy, trainings, teaching material, trainers, quality control managers, teaching aids right to the quality imbibed by the trainees, all have to be perfected.

IPRs & Branding for Indian Handicrafts: A Need of the Moment

Among the many problems, that of fakes or non-genuine “ethnic Indian products” flooding the markets is eating into its potential. There’s a huge array of such machine made fakes, being produced in places other than India but using the ethnic brand value of the original ‘Indian handmade’ products. The biggest threat comes from China. These duplicate products are machine made, with copied Indian designs, more attractive and priced much lower than the original ones.

Onam Terrorism and Maveli Horror

Why do even Marxist governments make people bankrupt by granting easy licences to clubs with liquor-dispensing bars attached to them? I entreat on bended knees that the government’s executive wing be rid of this alcoholic curse. And as Morarji Desai had wanted done, judges should be asked to swear not to drink and they should be dismissed summarily if found guilty of habitual alcohol consumption.

Mentoring for Business Success

Often SME- Owners turn to friends, relatives or chartered accountants for business advice. While the advice thus received could be well intentioned, often it lacks the depth of experience and knowledge that a successful professional or entrepreneur is able to provide. SME-owners turn to friends and relatives because they do not have access to professional mentors.

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPs) For Food Processing Industry: An Overview

Enterprises in food processing sector have the potential to play a much more significant role in achieving the macroeconomic target variables of growth and social justice, inasmuch as these constitute a crucial link between agriculture and industry. Development of food processing helps to improve the value of agricultural produce, ensures remunerative price to farmers and augments the demand for a cross section of agricultural products, besides contributing to employment of manpower on a large scale.

Aug, 2010

Is The MSME Performance A Mirage?

The quick results of the fourth census of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) for the reference year 2006-07 give a further insight into the accomplishments of the sector. However, because of the vast legislative and structural differences in the two eras of survey originating from the enactment of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006, its growth analysis with respect to the third census (conducted in 2001-02) presents an exaggerated picture of the SSI performance in a short span of five years. The total size of the sector increases by an enormous 150%, per unit value of plant and machinery by 253%, number of exporting units by 450% and total employment by 140%.

Innovation- A Driver Of Wealth Creation

Innovation is among the most important drivers of an economy, as it leads to new product categories and results in increase in productivity. In fields such as the arts, economics and government policy, something new must be substantially different(bring some degree of change in thinking, products, processes, or organizations) in order for it to be acknowledged as being innovative. The change that innovation brings about could be radical and revolutionary, though innovation need not always be radical.

Leadership for SMEs

This and much more is what I got to learn during the book-launch of “Employees First, Customers Second”, by Mr. Vineet Nayar, CEO HCL Technologies. Panelists, including the likes of Mr. Sachin Pilot and cricketer K. Srikkanth, together gave the recipe of a true leader.

Jul, 2010

CSR: SMEs Need Strategic planning

Market failures lured the policy makers to adopt planning as development strategy and socialistic pattern of society as the policy goal. But the slow growth made market based capitalism attractive once more.

SMEs – A Road to Economic Sustainability

India has registered a high economic growth (6-9%) consistently over the last one decade. For the sustainability of this kind of growth proper nurturing of SME sector is imperative. The need of the hour is to empower the SME Sector so that it is able to take its rightful place as the growth engine of the economy.

Micro & Small Enterprises Cluster Development Programme Encourages Entrepreneurship in Maharashtra

SME clustering is common in many developed countries such as Italy, Germany, the USA, and Japan. Evidence on clusters in Latin America, Asia, and to a lesser extent in Africa, is also available. Since 1993, UNIDO, through its Private Sector Development Branch, has developed an approach to help government and the private sector to co-operate in the design and implementation of programmes to promote the organization and development of clusters and networks of SMEs.

Jun, 2010

TRIFED Empowering the Tribal

With the prime objective of providing marketing assistance and remunerative prices to tribals for their minor forest produce (MFP) and surplus agricultural produce (SAP) and to wean them away from exploitative private traders and middlemen, the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation (TRIFED) was set up by the Government in the year 1987.

May, 2010

'NextGen Fuels 2010' to discuss Technology to Convert CO2 Emission into Fuel

Industry experts from home and abroad, technologists, biofuel companies, scientists, investors, oil companies, policy-makers concluded that algae can be the best source of biofuels on the planet that we know till date. Algae' farming for oil is the next biggest opportunity for the Biofuel industry.

Need for Regional Water Hub

Issues pertaining to Climate Change and Water sector should be kept out of politics and priority should be accorded to solve them by rising above petty political considerations.

Apr, 2010

KAIZEN Is The Way… Gambatte Ne!

The basis of Lean being elimination of muda ie: waste or the unwanted. It emphasises on minimising the use of resources for maximising results. The basis of Kaizen is in continuous everyday improvement in all aspects of the business when talking of enterprises.

Wealth Creation through Lean Manufacturing

Defined in broad terms, lean manufacturing is a performance-based strategy for maximizing customer value by elimination of waste, while improving profit for the company. The goal of lean is ¡§to eliminate waste and non value-added steps at all points in the manufacturing processes¡¨.

Chinese Bid to Acquire Natural Resources in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is currently the world's largest national opium producer. Curbing the influx of narcotics from Afghanistan has become priority for Beijing.

Not Equality but Universal Justice for Women

Women empowerment should not and cannot stagnate as a word of law but has to emerge and transform the individual from within. Indian philosophy has given as a wonderful term “Shakti” to explain this idea.

Democracy, Illiteracy and Corruption at Everest Level

Our democracy is a socialist secular republic which is worth its name only if as provided in the 86th Amendment of the Constitution makes education a free and compulsory process for every citizen between age six and fourteen.

Mar, 2010

The most effective way to become a value and wealth creating world-class organization

"Lean Manufacturing" caught the imagination of manufacturing professionals in many countries. Lean implementations are now commonplace, every progressive company is trying to become lean. The knowledge and experience base is expanding rapidly. The essential elements of Lean are described in "Principles of Lean Manufacturing."

Success Parameters in the Age of Globaliastion

In a world that is quickly breaking down barriers and is changing the very definition of boundaries, we need to take stock of the implications of such a scenario on business and commerce. So, what could be the areas of concern?

Importance of Email Etiquettes in Business

An email also acts as a well dressed, personable, well spoken salesperson of your company, which talks about the products / services of your company.

We, the People of India and Pakistan and J&K; Swear to Remain in Patriotic Comityand Secular Solidarity and Fraternity as a Confederation in Peaceful Co-Existence

India and Pakistan were one nation before the two-nation theory gained acceptance and the British Parliament recognized a dichotomy of India and Pakistan as two separate sovereign nations and J & K separate from either but a unique territory in bitter controversy between Indo-Pak imbroglio and war.

Feb, 2010

How quality of training in institutes can be improved?

In the present trend of mushrooming professional institutions, the quality of the training being provided to the students has lost its essence and meaning. Therefore, the students who come out of these institutions are not capable enough to meet the industry requirements.

Social Audit in India's Water Sector

Water is a crucial factor in climate change and as such its inclusion in the Copenhagen summit was essential. Experts are unanimous on the view that the effects of climate change on water resources will be among the most devastating consequences of continued global warming pollution.

Aam Admi Does! Aam Aurat Doesn’t

AA: I would, Sir but she would not, just not...I don't know how to put it ! FM: She would not ? Would not what ?

Measuring the Success of Lean

"It is important that you keep a focus on strategy deployment and that measurements are linked throughout the organization, not just on the manufacturing floor but in accounts payable or other back-office processes, to the objectives of the company so that everybody is pulling in the same direction,"

Jan, 2010

Fiscal Stress: Can Government control?

Government can solve this problem by making payments, by taxation. The normative question is about the desirable 'structure of taxation' and 'optimal taxation' which involves trade-offs between efficiency and social justice.

Dec, 2009

Bring About Innovations in SMEs

SMEs are the backbone of any economy. In Indian context over 40% of our export is from SMEs and after agriculture it is the 2nd highest employment generation sector. Innovation is the key of any SME for creation, sustenance and growth of any business.

Status of Microfinance in India

Microfinance originated in India when the late former Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi nationalized the banks in the year 1969, to see that 1% of the profit of these banks goes to the poor towards their micro enterprises. This she planned that bank should facilitate her 20 point programme to fight poverty among the poor and she called it “Garibi Hatao”.

Nov, 2009

India’s Poorless Poor Waiting to be Empowered

According to World Bank, 371 million people in India live in abject poverty. About 70 percent of the population lives in India's six lakhs villages. Majority of them live on agriculture produce by tilling lands and are engaged in petty business as micro entrepreneurs.

Indian Co-operative Network for Women Serving Over One Million Poor Women Entrepreneurs

Indian Co-operative Network for Women (ICNW), a micro-finance outfit and a credit wing and multi-state co-operative network promoted by Working Women”s Forum India, took upon itself the gigantic task of innovating a new structure to serve the poor women entrepreneurs and to facilitate their participations at all levels of its operation.

Milagrow's World SME Congress in Delhi

The 2nd edition of the World SME Conference by Milagrow will bring together thought leaders, policy makers, bureaucrats, SME focused organizations and illustrious entrepreneurs to improve the ecosystem in which small and medium businesses operate. The two-day event is slated from December 16-17.

Oct, 2009

From Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to smartly Managed Enterprises

With the Global Economy now showing positive signs of revival and the economic growth trajectory moving upwards, SME's need to still keep their “Eyes and Ears” wide open. With fierce competition - both domestic and global - the only way ahead for SMEs is to innovate.

Common man still in distress as Indian Economy Bounces Back

Indian economy is on the move again. A year of tears and turbulence for the entrepreneurs seems to be withering away. The markets are once again getting ready to welcome customers. Bustling bazaars are coming back, though slowly. The pangs of 'recession' and 'slowdown' are being forgotten as a bad dream.

Sep, 2009

Business Intelligence for SMEs in Retail Industry

RETAIL business, there lies an invaluable source of dormant information and intelligence, hidden under reams of data being entered into their transactional software. Businesses, especially in the Small & Medium Businesses (SMB) sector, do not have affordable tools to create "Predictive Insights" and harness "Actionable Intelligence" from the huge amount of transactional data that is being captured across their business.

Strengthening Innovation Capacity of SMEs in India

The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been recognized as engines of equitable economic growth and development. They constitute a majority of total enterprises in most of the economies and account for a major share of industrial production. In India too, the SMEs play a pivotal role in the overall industrial economy of the country. However, in the global product and services markets, SMEs in general, face increasing competition not only for sales but also for technical know-how and skills.

Aug, 2009

ADVANTAGE SMALL - SMEs Set for Organic growth

SME's are now transforming into a confident, energetic and forward looking sector. They are not daunted by scale or size, are willing to embrace modern technology and are open to adopting modern management principles and processes.

Jul, 2009

SMEs feel betrayed as Promises Fall Flat

The Indian National Congress pledges a targeted cluster-based approach to the growth of SMEs. There are a very large number of such clusters already in different areas like textiles, food processing, handlooms and handicrafts, consumer goods, khadi, coir and other traditional industries, and engineering.

Women Entrepreneurs of the North-East -Experience Makes Them Learn

Having learnt many things the hard way through her experiences while running her own business, Smt. Binapani now tries to give back to society by training rural and needy women in manufacturing decorative items and helps them to market their goods. Her work in the handloom sector has helped many artisans to diversify their product and create modern fabrics as per the requirements of the International market.

Indian SMEs Keen to Explore Kenyaarks

Kenyan economy witnessed a sharp decline in its growth rate slipping to a meagre 1.5%.* Rapid population growth and poor infrastructure were largely responsible for the plunge in the country's GDP

Jun, 2009

Agra’s Industrial Growth Stagnates

The increased power tariffs that came in force last year and the VAT regime that's been adopted by most states has delivered a crippling blow to the number one industry of Agra in terms of volume of turnover and the labour force employed.

Kantha weavers: Sewing Empowerment Dreams

In South 24 Parganas alone, about 250 women work diligently in the afternoons, in their courtyards, near the pond, under the shade of a mango tree, often in groups to fulfill MKC's orders. Kantha weaving has brought dignity into their lives.

Mentoring & the woman Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur often needs a good reliable sounding board or second opinion or sometimes just some emotional support and the mentor helps to make the mentee's thought processes clearer, more enriched and decreases the entrepreneur's exposure to risk.

What Ails Clusters in India?

India abounds in sme clusters which greatly contribute to employment creation. Laying emphasis on the whole business system and not on individual enterprises would be of great help in the growth of smes.

May, 2009

Basics for Writing a Business Plan

A business plan conveys your business goals, the strategies you'll use to meet them, potential problems that may confront your business and ways to solve them, the organizational structure of your business, and finally, the amount of capital required to finance your venture.

Africa-The New Frontier

This untapped potential makes it attractive for Indian SMEs to plan a vital role in the economic transformation agenda in Africa - not just in terms of GDP, but also the potential for job creation, innovation, capacity building and so on.

Make Trade Fairs Work for You

People returning from a trade fair carry that usual drained out look, eyes aching from the bright lights and your feet tired out of treading across the numerous booths, reluctant to walk any further.

Surat not sparkling any more

Surat, one can explore popular beliefs. According to these, the beginning of the diamond industry in Surat can be traced to the arrival of a Surat entrepreneur bringing diamond cutters from East Africa. The polishing industry thus came to be established in 1901.

Apr, 2009

Coimbatore -The Ultimate Business Hub

The city is blessed with excellent infrastructure which facilitates business as well as draws in fresh investments. What makes Coimbatore a welcoming destination for investments is the peaceful, participative and highly professional work culture which is endowed with global standards.

Commonwealth Games Big Business for SMEs

Sports events have become big business and Commonwealth Game generate huge opportunities in terms of requirements for infrastructure, service and human-skill development and related areas.

Helping Businesses Inch Their Way to Success

The SME Chamber of India undertakes a plethora of measures to enhance and promote domestic trade. This entails interacting with Purchase and Marketing Managers, undertake market development initiatives and conducting market survey and research.

Mar, 2009

India Slated to Become the Food Factory of the World

Under the 11th five Year Plan 10 mega food parks slated to be set up in the next two years. These parks are coming up at Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, Chikmagalur in Karnataka, Shirwal in Maharashtra, Jangipur in West Bengal, Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh and Jalandhar in Punjab. The mega parks scheme is a flagship project of the Vision 2015, which is aimed at ensuring a three fold growth of India's processed food sector.

Mentoring the Traditional Way

Being an entrepreneur is a dream which dies in the hearts of many young people, all for want of a mentor who can guide them. All over the world mentoring is gathering momentum as a revolution and making a difference to the world of aspring entrepreneurs. The Bhartiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) is one such organization which caters to the mentoring needs of those with a business idea but no wherewithal to start on their own.

Nurturing Students to be Successful in Global Society

Education should primarily aim to develop inherent qualities in a child to make him acceptable and successful in any society in the world. However, very few schools in the country have adapted their methodologies to incorporate global standards.

Opportunity Beckons You in Mysore

Most Indian cities may have been swept by the wave of modernization and globalization, but Mysore has a very strong affiliation to it’s their originality and ethnicity which it refuses to part with. The institutions of Carnatic Classical Music and Dance are still very much revered and celebrated.

You have to be Entrepreneurial in your Thinking

You must be entrepreneurial in your thinking and Entrepreneurship entails taking huge risks and you should be ready for it, says Romy Juneja.

Feb, 2009

Agra's skyline set to change with massive infrastructure

Four new bridges on the river Yamuna are to be constructed. The one close to the Etmauddaula will divert inbound traffic towards the national highway to Delhi.

Give Business a Chance - Bring out the Entrepreneur in you

Entrepreneurship may be a high-risk proposition coupled with a high opportunity cost. For some, unavailability of funds and the absence of business know-how is the main dampener.

First steps to starting your own enterprise

Entrepreneurship offers tremendous opportunities for women across the world by opening doors to greater self-sufficiency, self-esteem, education, and growth not only for the women themselves, but also for their families and their employees.

Look Attractive and Be Confident

Expensive skin care products will not help you have a healthy glowing skin without the intake of healthy nutritious diet. Your skin is made up of nutrients which you drive from your diet. If your diet is lacking in vitamins and minerals, the first organ to suffer is your skin.

Jan, 2009

Develop a Culture of Trust, Quality and Excellence

Japan, business is about religion in practice, every moment, everyday- such as a deep concern for employees, respect for customers, ethical pricing, and understanding supplier's difficulty and so on. Innovation and change are on high priority - more as self expressions of creativity and if the need arises as tools for survival.

Okhla Indl. Area in Shambles - Entreprenuers Cry Foul

practice 'development' is not the politically correct term for Okhla. This is in sharp contrast to the fact that the area has been one of the front runners of industrialization in the country since Independence. Cut to 2008, these areas bear the miserable look of orphans now.

Let the wheel move again

RBI working group, asymmetric information, low economies of scale for lenders, high demand for collateral, high risk perception towards small enterprises are reasons for poor credit flow from the formal sector to SMEs.

National Institute of Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises - development of MSMEs in India.

The National Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (nimsme) was established with the mission of promoting the growth and development of MSMEs through services in the areas of policy, entrepreneurship, technology, information, education, management and extension.

Nurture Your Survival Instincts

These words from Napoleon Bonaparte best underline the strategy Small and Medium enterprises in the country must adopt to stay afloat in the flood of recession. SMEs need to prove themselves the fittest entities for them to survive the storm.

Dec, 2008

Okhla today is crippled by inadequate Civic Amenities

Okhla faces acute shortage of power and water. These problems have escalated the woes of the industrialists there. Entrepreneurial spirit and efficiency are the main casualties of the apathy of the authorities. There is perhaps no end to the problems of the industrialists in Okhla. The power shortage remains the single most harrowing issue.

Pharma cost to cut prices

Prices of drugs will come down by 2.5-3% in the wake of excise duty reduction announced by the government on Sunday. Though pharma companies are still working out the exact quantum of duty reduction to be passed on, consumers can expect drug prices to come down by nearly 2.5%.

Silvex Images for Approach Communications

Approach Communications will handle the entire PR, media relations and Image Management strategy and other branding initiatives for Silvex Images and its Arvino brand of jewellery.

Terror vs Business in Mumbai, 2008

The recent terror attack on India's financial capital has proven that India is perhaps the most vulnerable country in terms of terror attacks. And Mumbai is no doubt the terror capital of India. The wounds of the city are left to fester amidst lack of strong political will to contain recurring terror strikes.

The Okhla Facts

The area suffers from rampant encroachment on all the footpaths of Okhla industrial roads leading to the different blocks of phase I and phase II. This is attributed to government apathy. The only concern of the government has been collecting taxes.

Nov, 2008

The Green Earth Machine

The foundation has developed a machine called the 'Green Earth Machine'. Bio-degradable kitchen waste can be collected in this machine on a daily basis, instead of throwing it away in the dustbin. Over a time of three months, this waste gets decomposed into excellent quality organic compost. This can be used in your garden if gardening is your hobby.

What are the problems of the Okhla Industrial Area

He told SME WORLD, “We are beset with problems of all kinds. Today, it is a harrowing experience driving through the industrial area. Roads are in dilapidated condition and our service lanes are home to the cluster of Jhuggis and the roads are encroached upon freely.”

Supply Chain Partners essential for effective Business

In a competitive global market place businesses don't compete, their supply chains do, goes a saying. In a knowledge economy, effective sharing of knowledge makes businesses function more effectively. According to a recent study, transfer of knowledge between supply chain partners across borders helps make the participating parties benefit and prosper through mutual cooperation.

The real meaning of spirituality

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Agra Entrepreneur Brings Alive-The Magic of Taj

Agra is in your itinerary, and The Taj Mahal is your dream in white marble, you would now be tempted to stay on in Agra for another night. Lest you miss a delicious curry for the soul. An ageless saga of mughal romance. The Ashok Oswal group at Agra is all set to add more value to your visit to one of the wonders of the world- The Taj Mahal, the epitome of eternal love. The 80-minute live musical theatrical extravaganza is designed to take your breath away.

Oct, 2008

Communication BLUES make small organizations see RED

In this world of abundant choices where you would find more than 30 toothpaste brands to choose from, selling your product is no more just about the quality and standards. As more and more competition mushrooms, it becomes essential to cultivate brand loyalty. Businesses need not only develop new customers, they also need to retain the existing ones.

Key to growth - Lean manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is like taking to a systematic approach for identifying and eliminating waste in operations through continuous improvement for doing everything more efficiently, reducing the cost of operating the system and fulfilling the customers desire for maximum value at the lowest price. The mantra is: lowest inputs for highest output and quality.

TCS to serve SMEs with a new business model

TCS has created a new SBU to address the IT needs of the small entrepreneurs through a new business model, IT as-a-service (ITaaS) which is similar to the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. This model will bring the product and services segments of the software industry together. Entrepreneurs using the model might not be required to go to multiple vendors for their IT needs or pay formidable license fees.

Why is the media silent on SMEs?

The share of SMEs in the GDP of the country is likely to increase to 22% by 2012. Such an impressive acceleration in growth is attributed to techno-logical upgradation. The SME growth rate is moving upwards because the SME sector is on an upgradation drive-reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Sep, 2008

Plastic waste wonders destination Paris

Plastic bags, retrieved from rubbish heaps and bins in the Capital, will now be sent to Paris, the fashion capital of the world. Anita and Shalabh Ahuja, founders of the New Delhi-based eco-friendly NGO, Conserve, that recycles such bags, are all set to showcase their stylish products at a trade fair in the French capital, early-September.

We are going foody! Take Care!

The Indian Food Market comprises of many items such as canning, Dairy Products, Food Processing, Snacks, Frozen Foods, and Retail Sector. We are very good up to the pre-harvest of the crop, but are not well equipped for the post harvest of the crops.

India hand-in-hand with World Bank

India was among the 17 original participants of the 1944 Bretton Woods conference which conceived the idea of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) more commonly known today as the “World Bank”. In fact, it was the India delegation which first suggested the name IBRD.

Mahabharat of the Corporates

The business of selling news has never been the same. Every channel is in the never-ending race of being the first and fastest. You never know when you will be beguiled with an insignificant news labled “Breaking News”, just to increase the TRPs of the channel.

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