Dec, 2013

Cloud based CRM solutions a boon to the Real Estate Consultants

Cloud based CRM solutions in recent past had empowered small and medium enterprises by providing them a professional platform to maintain their client interaction. Traditionally CRM, ERP solutions have been targeted for large scale enterprises, which were able to afford a dedicated IT team. Since legacy solution always required a dedicated team for development and maintenance of its setup. However, now with the advent of broadband, the latest cloud technology innovations are ruling the market.

Oct, 2013

Holistic Healthcare Through Innovative Use of Technology

As the second largest healthcare group of Gujarat in terms of Beds, BAPS Hospitals offers a holistic range of medical services to patients from across the city and the state. BAPSs compassionate approach to medical care is patient centric, with multidisciplinary teams of highly skilled medical professionals working together to improve the quality of life for patients. BAPS Hospitals is committed to providing highest quality healthcare through innovative use of technology across the offered medical specialties. It has presence in Ahmedabad, Chansad, Dabhoi, Mumbai, Surat and Vadodara.

With Complex Healthcare Patient Safety is Jeopardized in India: Dr. M.I. Sahadulla

To reach out to the community and beyond! To make quality, world class healthcare affordable and accessible! This is the commitment that defines every aspect of the clinical care, research and education at the KIMS Healthcare Group. The Group, which started with a 250 bed multi specialty hospital at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, today has a chain of hospitals, polyclinics and Wellness Centres in the India and GCC countries.

Sep, 2013

Safe Drinking Water at 30 Paise per Litre

How crucial or important is water or the quality of water in the life of ordinary citizens. While some of us are used to see serpentine queues for water in movies or even in small towns or villages, the problem of safe drinking water is much more acute. Consider these stats UN estimates predict that water borne ailments account for 80 percent of diseases and deaths reported in developing countries. 97 million in India lack access to safe drinking water which results in close to 1600 deaths daily due to diarrhea alone. 73 million work days are lost every year to water born ailments which, according to certain reports, creates a notable drag on the countrys GDP.

VivaConnect –Creating Mobility Solutions

I regard Mobile Phones as the most influential invention ever in the history of mankind, possessing ubiquity unparalleled by any other device. It went very quickly from a luxury of riches to a necessity of a commoner. Back then if one might have thought about the device being restricted just to calling, then multimedia phones arrival was a harbinger of the magnificent future to follow. Today, Mobile Phone is an epitome of Mobile Technology, having similitudes as Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets, etc. The devices are representatives of amazing feat achieved in the form of absolute connectivity over mobility, made possible by Mobile technology.


Picture this: Two decades ago, when the inaugural issue of CIO hit the streets, successful CIOs (or Vice President, Information Management as it was called earlier) were mostly seen as strong technologists. Most of the technologies of the time - the DOS, IBMs, Windows - were standalone technologies that were converted into IT functions that reported to finance or to a unique line of business, with limited cross functional interaction. CIOs were merely the custodians of these systems responsible for making it work.

Apr, 2012

Integrated IT and Networking Technologies NEC Committed to Provide World Class Solutions to SMEs

NEC India is one of the leading brands in the Projectors market and the company has clearly defined plans to expand and further strengthen its footprint for all its product and solution offerings throughout India.

Feb, 2012 – A successful online library e-commerce venture

The beauty of entrepreneurship is the amazing ways in which it can touch our lives without letting us feel that it is a business. Observation of those little niches which needs to be filled can convert an opportunity to a good business proposition. And if it can be a socially impactful offering that can reach out to children as well as adults then it would be remarkable.

Jan, 2012

How Important is Task Management to any SMB ?

Internationally, task management is a way of working for any business but here in our country, the concept is still breeding. Seemingly, it will take time to change the mindset of entrepreneurs to adopt task management tools and solutions to their benefit but provided there is awareness about its use, applicability, pricing and competition. What is it?

Fostering Entrepreneurial Development through Incubation - iAccelerator powered By Tata Communications

Tata's are traditional known for their nurturing approach to business and never visualized as focused persistent capitalists out to make only money. As part of its continuous endeavor to support innovation and play a crucial role in development of enterprises, entrepreneurial ventures and growth of industries, Tata Communications announced its support of iAccelerator on the 8th of December 2001 at Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), New Campus, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad.

Dec, 2011

A New Business Technology Paradigm: The New Promise of IT

With business happening at the speed of thought, which is much higher than the speed of light, scale of business has been replaced by speed in every gamut, every sphere, and every function of business. The information era we live in, only way we can grow big is by growing small. That is, making smaller mobiles, smaller cars, smaller gadgets, that contain more data, have more applications, and more utility. Today, our mantra is: Get more from less. This is how Information Technology has changed our lives, our business, and our industry. This is how IT makes the world go round. This is how IT has changed the way Small & Medium Enterprises Sector function in industry.

BigRock Offers Dot com Websites at Rs. 499

BigRock unveiled a complete dot com website-in-a-box' package for small businesses, professionals, and individuals. This complete website package includes a premium .com domain name, email hosting, and web hosting integrated with an easy-to-use interactive website builder. The package has everything needed for a small business to get their own .com website set up in a few easy steps. The entire package costs only Rs. 499 for a .com website and Rs. 399 for a .net website, making it easy and affordable for anyone to get their website setup immediately.

Nov, 2011

Game Changer: A Low-cost DNASequencing Technology

If innovation is the name of the game, Life Technologies has introduced a game changer. At its Innovation Update Forum in NCR, the company that operates in India as Invitrogen BioServices India Pvt Ltd, unveiled its next generation sequencing product – Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM).

Oct, 2011

SaaS for SMBs and Its Relevance - An Indian Perspective

The market is ripe for more widespread adoption of SaaS to help SMBs reach greater levels of profitability in India. Security SaaS allows SMBs to focus on their business while leaving the security of their endpoints, email, web and vulnerability management to the security experts.

100CRORES presents Learning Management System for SMEs

In today's technology oriented world even small and medium enterprises can participate in the growth evolution in Learning Management Systems. This platform for e-learning can help in managing courses and training through administration, documentation, reporting and tracking of training programs. Learning Management Systems can reduce training costs, cross geographical divides and provide anytime anywhere training and result in increased productivity. This can be achieved without investing in expensive technology systems and huge price tags.

Enhanced Wi-Fi System to Support User Demand of Smartphones and other Wireless Devices

Ruckus Wireless™, headquartered in Silicon Valley, the industry's fastest growing Wi-Fi equipment like advanced wireless systems for the mobile networking market supplier, unveiled new products and technology to address critical scalability and reliability issues faced by enterprise that are now dealing with a deluge of smartphone and other wireless-only devices hitting their networks.

ICT Enables you to Move to the Next Level

Over the last few decades, ICT has taken on a significant support role for business activities. In most cases, it has become a key enabler for competitiveness, achiever of better quality of service, lower processing costs or even better support for MIS. In some cases, ICT has been at the heart of the business model, offering new ways of doing business or even being incorporated into the very nature of the business itself. Making the right choices and investing in the right technologies, in proper domains, requires a good understanding of the opportunities offered.

Sep, 2011

SMEs Need to be Alert about War-driving

SMBs that have insecure or open wireless access points are at risk of falling victim to war-driving tactics, they fail to understand that anyone without accessing the internet can still access lot of sensitive information. War-driving hardware can detect a wireless network from up to five miles away and there are programs that search out and automatically attempt to gain access and catalog wireless networks. It's not just open/insecure wireless access points that are vulnerable. Many small businesses have older wireless access points that use an inferior encryption technology called WEP, which war-driving software programs can crack in seconds.

Aug, 2011

Location Based Services from TATA Teleservices: Track Real-time Information Availability

Tata Teleservices will be offering its targetted customers a host of applications leveraging its LBS Platform. These applications will broadly include vehicle tracking services, fleet management, taxi management, asset tracking services, cargo management. Consignment tracking, ATM finder, workforce management solutions, employee safety, sales force automation, service ticket allocation etc.

Jul, 2011

Information Technology Offering: 'PC as a Service' for SMEs

Cloud computing is delivered through 'Pay as you go' model which helps enterprises and SMEs alike ramp up or scale down project infrastructure depending on project needs. One of the leading players in cloud computing services and pioneers in PC as a service (PCaaS) in India is Novatium Solutions (P) Ltd.

Technology that Empowers Local Businesses

These smart entrepreneurs are adopting the Internet to grow their business in a much better way than some of the savviest marketers in the country. Internet has completely transformed the way we communicate with our friends, share pictures and find almost anything online.

Network & Direct Attached Storage for SMEs: Iomega Offers Broadest Portfolio on Lucrative Prices

For customers of any size, they have data, bills, book keeping, IT returns and financial data for monthly/ yearly expense management – what if all this data gets lost just because it was kept on the computer which did not have a back up and it crashed.

Sl1000 Launched for Unified Communication: NEC focuses on Indian SMEs Market with IP-enabled Communication Solutions

The SL1000 is an intelligent cost-effective telecommunication system, which packs affordability, efficiency and IP-telephony all into one system. This cutting edge solution caters to the communication needs of SMEs, small offices and home offices (SOHOs).

Easing Communication: Anywhere, Anytime Information Sharing with Nokia Tej

Nokia Tej, a unique mobile productivity service, leverages the fact that mobile penetration in the country is much higher than IT penetration and therefore uses the mobile device as the medium to deliver service. Nokia Tej is targeted at companies operating in a heterogeneous, network-based environment particularly those with complex and lengthy supply chains.

Managing Information Explosion: Data Management in SMEs in the Era of Information Explosion

Symantec Backup Exec 2010 offers a flexible approach to eliminating duplicate data without adding complexity. Backup Exec offers integrated deduplication technology at the client/source and media server, in addition to integrating with third-party deduplication appliances through the Symantec OpenStorage Technology (OST) program.

Jun, 2011

Satellite Makes You Stay Connected Now Have Zero-failure Internet

To focus on the small and medium business segment in India, especially in the terrestrially under-served and un-served areas, i.e. those locations where terrestrial broadband is not available or if available, not reliable, Hughes India is focusing on a strong consumer outreach to educate potential customers of the significance of assured broadband reliability.

SonicWALL Launches SuperMassive E10000 Series: The Next Gen Firewall for Medium Enterprises

SuperMassive E10000 series delivers industry-leading application control, intrusion prevention, malware protection and SSL inspection at multi-gigabit speeds. It is built to meet the needs of enterprise, government, university, and service provider like financial institutions.

ERP Products for SMEs

ERP provides an integrated solution, to enhance operational efficiency and transparency. It allows departments, divisions and corporate-level representatives, to get process level information at the click of a button and to monitor operational level performance to gauge if targets will be met.

Risks and rewards of abandoning wired access for Wi-Fi in the enterprise

The installation of a wireless solution has shown to provide up to 88% cost savings on capital and support costs, the cost of moves/additions/changes is virtually eliminated with an all wireless edge as the network seamlessly supports users who are presumed to be moving continuously.

May, 2011

Infrastructural Devices - New Server, Storage, Networking Offerings for SMEs

To manage plus optimum excavation of all such kind solutions related to the information and communication technologies are based on the infrastructural solutions and devices like servers, data centers, data storage devices, etc.

CRM Products for SME

CRM as it is popularly known can be used as a combination of technology and personal touch, to develop a strategy for business success. With increasing competition every business, needs to be equipped technologically to increase and retain customer base. The essential business tool with dynamic online technology and is now affordable for small and medium sized enterprises.

Smoothing Business Operation in SMEs: 'TaskTrek' for Communication, Information, Document, Activity & Team Management

Using TaskTrek, SMEs can communicate seamlessly with their team (internal and clients) throughout the organization, document and track communication, organize data into standard folders and sub-folders linked to work related activities, manage activities and monitor team through nifty features like team schedule, calendar, timesheets, reports to name a few.

Apr, 2011

Time to Move from Analog to Digital: Unified Communications to Reduce Cost and Improve Productivity for SMEs

The escalating cost of the communication by unlimited phone calls, compromising with the faltered network providers and inefficient cheaper equipments are the problems that work to reduce your overall productivity.

India's & SE Asia first Modern Net Zero Energy Building

Net-zero energy buildings are the next generation environmentally responsible buildings. As they are self-contained no external resources are required to enable functioning of these building. This concept is likely grow more powerful as sustainable design continues to penetrate the mainstream of design and construction practices.

Lenovo Eyes on Growing Market of SMEs: Growth-Driven Adaptation of IT/ICT Solutions

SMEs in India are the maximum in the number and their gradual rise is opening up huge market, offering SMEs-dedicated products and services. IT and ICT are two major areas which are motivating various companies to develop products and services for SMEs.

Aruba Instant: Port Centric to Mobility Centric to Secure Access

Aruba Instant has many advanced security feature like device finger printing where in a network, device recognizes what type of mobile device connected and allows certain predefined access. For example the CEO of the company could have higher level of access while a lower level employee can be allowed to a limited access. The similar process can also be implemented in case of the head office and branch office, data device and mobile device.

Protection for Your Smartphones

A survey conducted by Norton reveals that 53 percent of adults in India have fallen victim to mobile phone loss or theft, but despite that, only two in five Indians currently have a password protecting their devices. The imminent need for mobile protection is increasingly important with Indians having their phones lost/stolen an average of 1.5 times over the past five years.

Mar, 2011

Complete Security Solution for SMEs now Available - Vineet Sood, Head, Channels and Alliances, Symantec India

Another important trend that survey revealed is that cyber attacks continue to plague Indian SMBs, but there was an overall decline. Sixty eight percent of SMBs were prone to few cyber attacks this year, while 22 percent of SMBs faced them on a regular basis.

Smart Cards The Smart Way to Track

The technological advancements help SMEs in many ways. In terms of printing experiences, I can say, they get real time experience. Zebra's tagline itself emphasizes on it. Every technological advancement, in case of printing, reduces the printing time and cost. If you have a card printer of your own, you need not to go a jobber for the card printing.

Feb, 2011

Jindal Intellicom Offers 'No Cost' CRM Solution for SMEs

SMEs have been a focus area of our international operations for a long time now and many solutions that we developed for those markets are portable to Indian SMEs. For example we have a state of the art, fully functional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that we developed in-house. We are aware that many SMEs do not want to invest in a high capex off the shelf CRM application that will also require extensive customization cost/time.

Xerox Outlook 2011: Business Solutions to Optimize Infrastructure, Improve Efficiency & Enhance Productivity of SMEs

Xerox is the market leader in the Document Management Services, offering an integrated range of products and solutions as well as consulting services to optimize office document management, improve productivity, reduce the output costs and create value by making smarter connections between people processes and technology.

Jan, 2011

'Cloud Computing' Natural for SMEs' - - 'Partha' S. Parthasarathy

An SME business owner, today, is hard pressed for time, and is constantly on the move and often single-handedly manages all aspects of his growing business. He needs information on his fingertips as to how his business is performing, on a set of key parameters very specific to his business. And he needs it anytime, anywhere, preferably on a mobile device.

Managing Resources Better: 'Infor Offers Solutions for SMBs to Improve Their Efficiency of Conducting Business'

Any company that has a complex supply chain to manage in today's business environment, needs a supply chain management software solution that utilizes specialized functionality tailored not only for the current climate, but for their business also.

Dec, 2010

Data Management in SMEs

Management decision making data and information like MIS reports on the other hand do not have such defined need for creation or period for preservation. The data used for statutory or management purpose both may and may not have similar origin but purpose and relevance differs.

SAP Solutions for Growth of SMEs

Seeing the rising demand for SAP based solutions, many companies have ventured in the market offering multiple and innovative SAP based solutions for the mid-size companies. Vital Wires is one such company that combines its passion to add business value with deep SAP platform knowledge, industry specific process expertise, and unique methodologies to amaze their clients in every interaction.

Nov, 2010

Streamline Your Communication with country's first Hosted Microsoft Office Communication Server

GlobalOutlook's hosted Microsoft office communication server includes comprehensive connective solutions to the enterprises. The key features includes secure instant messaging, group chat, voice and video conferencing, desktop sharing, missed conversation notifications and status indicators by IM integrated with Microsoft Office Outlook.

Sep, 2010

Shield against Online Risks & Threats

There are many IT companies which provide complete security to the SMBs. Symantec is one of them. Symantec helps consumers and organizations secure and manage their information-driven world. Symantec solutions protect against more risks at more points, more completely and efficiently, enabling confidence wherever information is used or stored.

Aug, 2010

Store the Future of Your Enterprise in Dell Storage

The research being done by the AMI partners also shows that sales and marketing, investment, customers are the factors affecting the ICT adaptation and expansion. Amongst the total number of small and medium enterprises, only 15% of the small enterprises are found to have branches while medium enterprises with branches number 85%. To handle these branches the SMEs need better solutions with improved options for the storage.

Jun, 2010

Infor Global Solution introduces Business Software to Suit SMEs

But there are some companies that provide complete software solutions on affordable prices. Infor Global Solutions is one of them. Infor, having presence in more than 100 countries, provides such solutions. Infor offers a full range of enterprise business software including customer relationship management, enterprise asset management, enterprise resource planning, financial management, human capital management, performance management, product lifecycle management, supplier relationship management, and supply chain management, including business specific inventory management, transportation logistics and warehouse management software.

May, 2010

3 Indian IT majors hire

With improving business conditions pushing their hiring plans, IT majors Infosys, TCS and Wipro hired over 20,000 employees in the January-March quarter. According to human resources experts, IT and IT-enabled services are expected to see a huge jump in hiring this year

Apr, 2010

Ten Things to Look for in Your Web Designer

Yet, quite often a small business finds that it got a raw deal or finds itself being arm twisted by the once seemingly perfect web design partner. So what goes wrong in these cases? If you talk to the smart SMBs who succeeded in finding the right design/IT partner in the first go, you will notice a common thread.

Embedded Technology is the Need of the hour: Mark Bhasm

“Toady almost seventy per cent of India's population is below thirty years of age. So explosion of media usage is remarkably high. Service industry is expanding and infotainment has made a break through in the life of present generation. The time line of past, present and future can be shifted. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are the landmarks in the advancement of technologies.

Green Fleet Technology and Fuels

Greening of fleets will definitely increase our flexibility performance and optimise the network because in this way we save the atmosphere and also our earth.

Dec, 2009

We Will Educate Indian SMEs About the Power of the Internet

SMEs in India have a potential of great magnitude in the export segment which is largely untapped and unexplored. However, technology shift and lack of knowledge about web services are the principal impediments facing the sector, says Brian A. Wong, Senior Director, Strategic Business Development Division,, the world's largest B2B portal, in a conversation with SME WORLD in Delhi recently.

Nov, 2009

Application of ICT in Micro Finance Institutions

CT applications in Microfinance have been least understood, as most ICT application vendors do not fully appreciate the context of why ICT is needed in the first place, in this space. So, before we embark on understanding the applications of ICT in Micro finance, let us first quickly recap what Micro finance is all about and what are the challenges in this sector and how can ICT help to overcome them.

New SME technology to bring internet on cellphones

The people who cannot afford advanced cell phones have a reason to smile, a new technology will enable internet based services to the most basic handsets. The network protocol being built by Umesh Chandra from Nokia Research Center in Palo Alto, California, will get mobile phones connected to the web via SMS.

Oct, 2009

BFSI Technologies CXO Summit

naseba, a global business information company and producer of strategic business summits, is organizing the BFSI Technologies CXO Summit on October 29-30, 2009 at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai.

Sep, 2009

Benefits of ICT for SME in Indonesia

Indonesia have more Small Medium Enterprises than others countries, we can make conclusion that Indonesian people have more entrepreneurship mindset than others countries. Unluckily SMEs seldom use Information Communication Technology (ICT), because of lack infrastructures, high cost Internet connection and lack of skill on ICT use.

Aug, 2009

Energy efficiency for SMEs

With industries growing at a rapid pace in India, it's the Small and Medium sector which accounts to a major part of Indian Industrial sector but are majorly unorganized. Therefore, it is time that the SMEs are made more aware about the issues prevailing at global levels and are made to adopt energy efficiency.

Jul, 2009

SME use Twitter to cut Costs

Twitter can be very effectively used for reaching out the marketing communications of an SME to the following prospect base of friends, customers or channel partners. SME World discusses this and more.

ICT Indispensable for SMEs: Experts

ICT can help the SMEs climb up the e-adoption ladder, by adapting their business processes to the digital world; they can lead in the implementation of breakthrough technologies; and by the use of ICT, SMEs can improve their performances, and realize their full potential as agents of change.

Jun, 2009

Digital marketing offers advantage for SME to reach out globally

Digital Marketing offers an unmatched advantage for SMEs to reach out globally to their target customers at a fraction of the traditional marketing costs.

May, 2009

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS), is a model of software deployment whereby a provider licenses an application to customers for use as a service on demand.

Apr, 2009

Capacity building for sustainable growth through ICT initiatives in the SME sector

The development of human capital is an essential element of ICT enabled development. A disconnect exists in many countries between ICT for education/learning and ICT for employment at both the systemic and personal levels. E-learning offers a panacea for both the levels, if applied correctly.


Bar coding standards is important for SMEs to have a level playing field with respect to the bigger corporates. Bar coding is obligatory in the case of SME exporters.

Mar, 2009

'The Bad Guys are a Step Ahead of the Good Guys'

India has witnessed an unprecedented index of Cyber crimes whether they pertain to Trojan attacks, salami attacks, e-mail bombing, DOS attacks, information theft, or the most common offence of hacking. Despite technological measures being adopted by corporate organizations and individuals.


Cyber experts say – Use the latest anti-virus software – Protect your databases – and Put in a firewall and develop your content off line etc.

Jan, 2009

Technology Upgradation a Must for SMEs

The quality of indigenous products manufactured by many SMEs is not upto the mark, thus leading to buyers turning their backs towards SMEs. Many buyers have cited technology upgradation as one effective solution in order to turn SMEs into good vendors.

Time for SMEs to adopt ICT

SMEs therefore try to focus their resources on their core business and on daily operations, the ICT requirements that can support their core business, work well, are user-friendly, easy to upgrade and at as low a cost as possible.

Sep, 2008

Get on Board World wide web-Internet can do you wonder

Internet has made it easy to reach out to far flung markets like never before. It has made communication way cheaper than what it used to be in the olden days. Skype phone calls, IM conversations with clients are a norm now. And a website provides you with a 24x7x365 office reachable anytime, anywhere. That is the beauty of the internet.

HCL digilife, the retail chain of tomorrow

HCL Digilife stores houses a comprehensive range of digital lifestyle and entertainment products ranging from PCs and notebooks, digital cameras and music players, mobile phones, gaming consoles and office automation devices from world renowned brands like, Apple, Nokia, Toshiba, Kodak, Kingston, plantronics, Casio, HCL etc. with the assurance of HCLs best assured service and support.

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