Issue Date: Mar 2014

Cover Story

'We Want to Make 'Sarthi' the Last Word for SME Finance' : Deepak Sharmaa

Rajen Kumar

He has fire in his belly bubbles with ideas. He is focused remarkably aim oriented. He is dedicated abiding by...

Need to Promote Women Entrepreneurs : Mahesh Gupta


Mahesh Gupta Chairman Kent Ro Systems Limited who recently took over as the Vice President of PHD Chamber of Commerce...


India's Manufacturing Muddle

Rajen Kumar

What holds Indias manufacturing sector at the back foot? Why the sector has failed to emerge from the shadow of...

Top Stories

Quality as a Culture

Dr. Ipshita Basu Guha

When I was in school, my father would always insist that I write in a good handwriting and keep the notebooks and...

How can SMEs Leverage Social Media to their Advantage

Kshitij Jain

People are increasingly being empowered by technology and information that are easily accessible to them today....

Cover Stories

'We Want to Make 'Sarthi' the Last Word for SME Finance' : Deepak Sharmaa

Rajen Kumar

He has fire in his belly bubbles with ideas. He is focused remarkably aim oriented. He is dedicated abiding by...


Brand Management through Packaging Printing - ALIA


ALIA is a domain expert in packaging printing. The company has 2 production centers in India with annual capacity...

We Deliver Value: DHL


The logistics sector in India is in for a rapid growth. Quality of infrastructure, fast changing technology and...

Revitalizing Education through E-Learning – Ivory Education


Ivory was formed with the mission of bridging the gap between education and employment. Our initiatives are well...


Integrated Urban Water Management and the SMEs

Dr Arvind Kumar

Current models of urban planning and water management are exceedingly proving insufficient from the perspective...

Fan Merchandise at a Click

SME WORLD Bureau is Indias Biggest Fan Merchandise Store which provides a platform where one can locate and access...

Critical Success Factors for Large Digitization


Large scale digitization of documents involved in the core business processes is, one of the key organizational...

Indian Companies Building Local Tech Capability in Africa


India being the fourth largest trade partner with Africa, behind China, EU and the US, the business between the...

Individuals and Organisations: Who work for Whom

Vijay Kumar Shrotryia

The other day one of our friends seeing me spending more time at the university department commented Is University...

Special Reports

Mothers Playing Multiple Roles


When you have just decided to go ahead and chase your dream of higher studies, the one you had sidelined for quite...

SME Worldwide

In conversation with Ms. Ines Bastos (EMRC)


EMRC is working towards developing the economy of African nations through private sector investments. The team...

Knowledge Kit

7 Tips From Tony Hsieh

K S Ahluwalia

Tony Hsieh, Serial Entrepreneur and CEO of, offers leadership advice for fast-growing companies. ...

The Last Word

When Rajesh Khanna Reprimanded Shabana

Rajen Kumar

January every year used to be the Great Film Month in Delhi. International Film Festival of India, IFFI used to...

Health & Wellness

Samarpan Yog for Better Living- Meditation & Spiritual Healing

Vivek Sharma

We have sufficient evidence to prove that Indian Saints and Spiritualists used meditation as a form of mind-body...

First Person Singluar

The Secret Mountbatten Didn't Know of !

Aroon Sharma

Before Lord Mountbatten flew into India on March 20, 1947. he had been briefed in London by Prime Minister Clement...

SME Events

Clusters: A Tool for Development


CII in partnership with Foundation of MSME Cluster FMC, UNIDO and TCI Networks organized an International Conference...

SME Finance

We Have Enough Room to Grow: DBS Bank


Four times in a row, Singapore based DBS Bank was named Safest Bank in Asia by Global Finance last year. With over...

case study

Reverse Process for Winners

Akshaya Rath

BidNEMO is Indias 1st transaction enabled B2B eMarketplace. A venture of Keyline IT Solutions, BidNEMO has countless...

The Dynamics of University and Incubator Relation in Fostering Innovation and Knowledge Management

Sanjukta Badhai

Research and Innovation has always been played a significant role in creating knowledge based economy for the development...


Your Problem isn't Motivation

K S Ahluwalia

My friend Tushar emailed me a few days ago. I havent been diligent about working out over the past five years and...