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20 Sep 2012 (16:39:54)
Yep, great point, although I'll cotsent the data scientists title. Just too nerdy of a title and doesn't have an equivalent that people can relate to today. It doesn't do us any favors. For progressive businesses creating titles from scratch, it's fine. But for Bank of America, we need a title they can relate to. The word web' may not be relevant any more, so potentially digital ' or something like that is beginning to make more sense.I don't understand why this field is fighting the part of the title, really. The most influential people in the world are called analysts, whether that's financial, political, military, research, or any number of things, and it's something people can relate to or that we can point to as a comparative to explain the types of things we do and the influence our work can have.You are dead right about the importance of data being central to the organization. For new companies, they'd be best served to ingrain this in their culture from the beginning. But the challenge is for businesses that aren't, it's going to be a sell, and that's a human thing. In my opinion, rather than pushing to make data central, it seems we should push to make people who believe in data central first, and allow their success to imbue a data-centric culture into the organization. But forcing data onto people who are not data-centric won't work. It's like a religion: are people more apt to adopt a religion if they admire someone who has adopted it and sets a good example, or if they are explained dogma and expected to adopt it?
History of Haryana Monuments
25 May 2011 (00:54:57)
Industrialization and urbanization effect the natural beauty of the country. Industrial pollution has effected the Yamuna water , it also affects air which causes harmful for the Historical monuments. History of Haryana Monuments is well known to all, all carry so much importance. it should be conserved.
Monuments of Haryana
25 May 2011 (01:08:04)
Yamuna is very important river as it carries so importance in Indian history also. Yamuna river should be conserved and saved from evils of industrialization and urbanization. It causes pollution in environment may harm the Monuments of Hariyana.