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Dr, Swami Sridhar, Hyderabad
20 May 2011 (05:54:36)
Kudos to SME WORLD for the May issue cover story. It is a dynamic piece of journalism for which I must congratulate you. I have never come across such an ellaborate story on how the big business houses infleunce the government. policies. It is a sham that the SMEs sector so vital for our inclusive growth has not been given the attention and the importance it deserved all these years. The sector means a lot for India as makprity of the people are yet poor. Our small industries, the backbone of our economy suffer in silence while a few big ones make hay. It is time that our small and medium entrepreneurs get togather and act for their rights. Unity has a strong force. look what Anna hazare has done to the country. Wonder, if there is no Anna Hazare for our suffering small entrepreneurs. SME WORLD will do well to take up the cudgels and consolidate SMEs and raise a voice. I have reading reading the magazine for a long time and I appreciate the way your guys write in a free and fearless manner. Thanks