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Dr.Oleg V Anokhin
25 Jan 2014 (01:12:05)
Keywords: Research & Development, Food science, Fast moving consumer goods, Food technology. For fragrance industry & HEALTH & IMMUNOLOGY ! Dear Colleague ! We have chance for open New fundamental Agrarian fragrance industry Technology ! Dr. Oleg V Anokhin Perspective Functional Ecology compositions on a basis of Chemistry of Colloid parts of Bast Crops (fibers), Materials as Raw Materials. (You have such to many) I am offering the results of basic research in the combination as a high-end application solutions. The purpose of these developments is the adoption by the industry of innovative technology solutions for the creation and deployment of new, promising sources of raw materials for medicine, fragrance industry, food and related composites. The proposed innovative solutions implemented on the basis of fundamental knowledge in the areas of : colloid chemistry , colloid chemistry of polymers ( natural and not only), analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, quantitative and qualitative analysis , and even some other knowledge. Goal - the discovery of new raw materials for the active medicine, creating unique opportunities for penetration effect for medicinal systems , functional food , food components , associated environmental compositions on the basis of deep "dispute " to the elementary constituents of the full range of fiber crops and associated amorphous and crystalline formations .The area of application of the proposed solutions - deep processing (up to nano structures ), fiber crops , the full range of their associated entities filaments with careful ordering and development of the full range of possibilities of natural " plants" = the unique ecological resource. Bast Crops- Chemistry of Materials for perspective functional food + ecology components + colloid systems = technology (!) New ProductsP.s. In March in San Diego You realize THREE perfect conference for us (my solutions + Your possibilities) new perspective technologies. [email protected]
09 Jan 2013 (01:48:52)
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Dr.Oleg V Anokhin
15 Nov 2011 (03:44:19)
I am Oleg V Anokhin, Dr. of Chemistry of Materials from Ukraine. Is it interesting perspective technologies for medicine,food,textile industries on a basis of Bast Crops colloid systems? I have also solutions for ecobuilding contruction composition. I ready send basis text of my acticle - propositions for discus interest for future relationships. Yours, Dr. Oleg V Anokhin [email protected] [email protected]
Sanjay V Randive
14 Aug 2011 (09:20:50)
Hello Ms. Vadera / Dr. Singh, Your article on Herbal and Medicinal plant is very informative and useful to understand current status of India in World market. I request be in touch. Please send more information on this topic at svrandive2000 at yahoo dot com. Thanks, With Best Wishes, Sanjay V Randive