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Bibek Debroy
01 Oct 2011 (10:37:25)
Dear Atul, Thanks. Liked this piece. Do you write regularly for SME world? Best wishes, Bibek Debroy
Kumar Padmanabh
17 Sep 2011 (13:06:23)
I am a neophyte of economics. It has been appearing to me a complex science beyond my intellectual competence to understand it, feel it and practice it. Your article is one of those which can explain why this subject full of mathematical equations is studied as a social science. Yes, government failed to establish infrastructural support system to post economic liberalization phenomenon. Overlo...aded RBI and mis-regulated SEBI is a great example of it. I agree that inflation is not a byproduct of mismatch between demand supply technically WP and CP index. As an independent reader, let me dare to assume a critics position. :) I feel your last paragraph is not concluding strongly the way it was started in opening paragraph. Overall it was a good a good article to read. Thanks
Ashutosh Kumar Thakur
17 Sep 2011 (13:10:11)
A very insightful piece...nice reading it thoroughly..