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05 Jan 2013 (20:58:40)
Hi Paige. I am glad you like the rangoli peantrts. Children make these wherever we go by using coloured powder on the floor. They are really beautiful. Also at our hotel, everyday they fill a pool with petals in a particular design, which is beautiful. I will put a picture of this on the diary page. Indian sweets are lovely. My favourite are Pista Burfi which are fravoured with pistachios and Ros Gular (I'm sure I haven't spelt these right!) which are a sort of very light, sweet cheese. They are all very tasty but they are really filling and probably not very good for you. They sell them in lots of the shops on the Belgrave Road in Leicester. Do you remember when we went for our trip there we tasted some? The sweets in India are the same.