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06 May 2013 (09:47:59)
Hi John!Great article, as it seems we see few aicrtles addressing the needs of just utility spaces alone. Also, your point about preventing condensation on your woodworking machinery and tools is very germane. In my case, for example, I have no choice but to have my stuff in the cellar, which is the worst possible place. So I run a dehumidifier and keep my hand tools all well oiled. Someday, my cellar will be air sealed and insulated and its humidity under control, but that's certainly not the case today. So I was just curious about a couple of things. You mentioned having the heating system in the garage attic. Did you also seal/insulate the attic? Was just wondering. Also, I take it your garage floor is probably slab on grade, right? Is that much of an issue for you (maybe not, giving your climate zone). In my area, uninsulated slabs waste a lot of heat and make it uncomfortable to work.And finally what's the most exotic wood you've ever turned? And what was the project?Thanks for the great article, and keep your beer cool! ~JohnJohn Poole recently posted..