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20 Sep 2012 (17:13:16)
>> I also wonder if tdunsaohs of employees in corporations are underpaid. If so – in free market – they can leave and do something interesting with their lifes instead of working for big companies they don’t like.It turns out that it's not so easy. The market is only named to be free, but it's not because there are too many obstacles that the employees come across when they are willing to change the job. Can you imagine 10,000 US workers who emigrate to China because for example Ford decided to move its factory there? The answer is no. First because of language and cultural issues, second because of family and third because of job market barriers in China. So is the market free? Certainly yes for big companies. For others rather not
06 Aug 2011 (00:46:02)
That's the best anwesr of all time! JMHO