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Huw Grossmith
29 Dec 2013 (03:22:25)
Hi I am an UK/EU & Australian citizen and work from Thailand (but not in Thailand). My business TBYP Ltd, is registered in Belize, is it by way of "share-holders" 60% Thai owned (family). I usually work as a Trainer for two different organisations - I have done some work, mostly from home, for IIM-Africa but some in Lagos ( I am currently developing an online Certificate curriculum course for them. It is my invoices to them I would like to factor. No more work will be done until they pay. At the moment I have around $3300 USD of invoices outstanding. Can you help me? Regards
06 Apr 2013 (03:29:54)
For SME WORLD DEAR SIRs Greatings and thanks for your attention. I contact you because i need discount an invoice. If possible, i wait your return with terms and conditions. In Brazil the interest rates is very expensives. Many thanks. I hope hear from you. Best Regards. Dr. Gilson Popioleki San Gilson Group Brazil San Joxx Group Brazil San Exx Group Brazil San Moscow Group Brazil [email protected] [email protected] NEW HAMBURG - BRAZIL Phone 5551 9500 0259 SKYPE: Gilson Popioleki