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jyoti bhusan sarangi
15 Oct 2011 (04:41:51)
You have wrote a excellent version of SME's. Thing is that from the very beginning since 1947 all the corrupted Indian politicians looted India till now. They had not a thought of 'NEED OF PRIORITY'. They expect only black money from small to large scale industris. So how can we develop ? NOW WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA CAN CHANGE..........
Atul Kumar Thakur
15 Oct 2011 (14:42:37)
Glad you liked the piece.In the last six decades since India's independence,we have moved up albeit it's true not with the actual potential.Flaws of governance is one of the major handicap behind this,so real challenges before the nation is to make the three arms of system-legislature,executive and judiciary more accountable and transparent.Even in this tough phase,we should be sanguine for the future course and must keep playing our accountable role as regards..Atul,Email: [email protected]