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Anil Kumar
12 Feb 2014 (16:18:55)
I want to start small business with low capital so please suggest me which is the best business with small capital.Please send suggestions to my mail id [email protected]
k manoj
28 Sep 2013 (11:14:13)
hardwork never fail.
manish yadav
09 Aug 2013 (01:25:21)
nice .i like your story .and i use is for my school business project thanks.
chaitali ghosal
30 Jul 2013 (08:35:32)
I want to start a shop of food items along with snacks, colddrinks etc. Please help me for getting a loan to run this business independently.
Tarun Sahni
19 Apr 2013 (05:27:46)
Hi, i wanted to know, what is this forum ?? how do i do become a member of this Forum ??? kindly provide detail for the same !! Tarun 9999300657, [email protected]
17 Nov 2012 (22:46:55)
placing a development team for more than 3 months is hard for me with little investment. I want to make a stable team, cause as soon as I disturb a team some clients are coming to me and checking the manpower. Very Hard to tell the truth that due to high budget we outsource the candidates. At present we have 2 highly experienced developer i want to higher more 4.. but risk period of three to four months will be there. Per exp candidate I have to spend 20k- 25k per month.. very tight position for me. If you can take 14% interest rate annually then it will be very helpful in growing my business and definitely i can work without loan pressure. Thanks and regards, Abhilash 9177252274