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09 Apr 2013 (05:25:05)
Interesting discussion, I'm a lttlie late in the game here, I think there has to be enough businesses in a category for the classifications to be useful, and as you say Rowan if you're bigger than over 90% of businesses and still in the same size category as them, then there's really no value in that classification.I think you've got to look at why these classifications exist. The biggest value they can offer is to help push businesses through the growth curve. If the next milestone is 100 employees in New Zealand to get to a medium, the its a long haul for almost every small business.We're not the US, we're not a country who are masters of taking on the world with the biggest companies on the planet, and nor are we likely to be.We have to play to our strengths, and getting from small to medium is the step we want to see heaps of NZ companies taking, lets not set the bar so high that nearly no-one gets there.I want more medium companies, and getting to something like 25 employees and a couple a mil in profit is definitely a recognisable step forward from a small business, and the type of business that more small' businesses can aim to be and achieve.
23 Oct 2011 (03:34:15)
Wow, this is in every resepct what I needed to know.