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06 May 2013 (18:12:05)
Hello, I just hopped over to your webgape using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might usually browse, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thank you for creating something worthy of reading.
06 May 2013 (18:12:25)
As a living, I have siengd off, in whole or major part, on something like four and a half million M-16/AR15's. I've learned something about the weapons system in 45 years. Simple fact: in it's present incarnation, it's the most reliable hand held military weapon since the club. I don't even grimace anymore when I say that, so I guess I'm not the same old M-14 Marine I was when I first qualified with serial number TRW 151411 in 1965. Each military M16/M4 is produced in a batch of 100 units. Two of those units are randomly chosen at assembly and fired 6,000 rounds each. If either weapon has 5 stoppages for any reason, the entire lot of 100 is rejected. No exceptions, no cheating. Try it and spend five years hard time in Leavenworth. Anyone who tells you different is a Sea Lawyer spinning you a yarn. In a more personal forum, my language might be a tad more salty. The Iraqi's are changing over to the M-16, not because they love Americans, but because they have seen people being dropped regularly at three eighths of a mile. A considerable change from clumsy AK rattlebags soaked in diesel fuel that turn into shit magnets with every breeze. And please don't tell me AK's are reliable because of the ginormous tolerances. Those tolerances are there so the Kalashnikovs can be made on tired machinery by hopeless drunks. If you had seen, as I have, SloMo films of the flimsy AK reciever oilcanning in full auto fire, you would understand why the Russians have equipped all their (few) first line troops with the ABAKAN rifle, which essentially duplicates the M-16 in capability. A buddy of mine, Air Force Reserve Captain Ken Hagenow, teaches the Designated Marksman course at Ft. Benning several times a year. His people fire, at worst, head sized groups all day at 500 meters, and a day with even a single stoppage is rare. And they're doing it with M-4's.