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manish sharma
23 Nov 2012 (07:34:07)
plz cont me
Pinkey Arya
20 Nov 2011 (23:05:29)
All the above list come under manufacturing and large scale industry i want to do a small scale industry in gaziabad but i dont understand what to do because the given industry are manufacturing is there no other business suits Gaziabad
Narender Singh Bhati
18 Feb 2011 (02:08:06)
Dear sir , I submitted an application to ur office on 29 october 2010 regardingmy sone kuldeep`s gangester case imposition by kavinagr police where as he was under 18 year that time and arrested from my home and shown on site and framed twice for jail terms of two months, sir i am away from you in Afghanistan working with US Army. so i request u to update the status of my application and wish to sought justice from you. Since i am away now you are guardian for my son undergoing B.Tech at meerut Sir police goes at my residance every now and then and disturb my family please ask them to stop these activities as my son has not done any severe crime that they spoiled his whole carrier and life . I hope you will understand my apethy being in foreigh i can request you for favourable action at a faster pace. Thanks sincerely yours Narender Singh Bhati Bagram Air Field (US Army Base) Afghanistan. Jai hind - Jai Bharat.